Women Rights Sustainable Society, WRSS, reaction to presidential directives on Movement in some States

Ruqayyah Muhammad

FOLLOWING the presidential broadcast on the lingering global pandemic that is exacting a terrible price in human lives and wealth (exponentially affecting global economy, international and local businesses), which is tremendously resulting to a serious hardships and horrifying challenges to health and wealth of the citizenry. Unimaginable as it may be seem, future catastrophes may be far grimmer, if the government relents. Nigeria has already seen a sharp increase in such pandemic in places like Abuja, Lagos, Ogun.

The Women Rights Sustainable society, WRSS, an organization that has for long impacted positively and contributed immensely to national development through its advocacies and campaigns.

Our prime concern is to reawaken the government, NGO’s & philanthropist to do the needful at this material time by assisting the poor and the less privileged ones.

From the Economic standpoint, pandemic that leads to a total lockdown of cities and curfew, which invariably stagnated economic activities has a proportionally great effect on the poor people and local community dwellers, subjecting them to serious hunger. The poor people mainly depend on fewer resources for their livelihood and consumption closer to subsistence levels. People mostly go out to look for what to eat in a day.

Therefore, as a matter of urgency and in our quest to create such an economic & humanitarian campaign to help rescue the less privilege ones in the society, we call on the government, NGO’s and philanthropists to help. In the presidential broadcast, item 55 his Excellency Muhammad Buhari passionately advised and called on Nigerians (wealthy individuals) to take personal responsibility of supporting those who are vulnerable within their communities. We therefore appeal to such individuals to strictly adhere to the presidential advice and put in into play by so doing it will go a long way in reducing hardship.

We also call on the government to ensure proper and equitable distributions of national Intervention fund. The government should ensure that it gets to the target persons. We’re amidst confident of the presidential statement as he assured Nigerians in item 60 of his broadcast that all contributions and donations are to be coordinated and centralised to ensure efficient and impactful spending. We wait keenly to see transparency and accountability in the process. As all Nigerians are aware of the contributions and donations.

In the process of distributions of the relief materials, we also call on the government to lessen and simplify protocols, but to be critical so that the support fund and material can get to the target persons on time

Furthermore, the youth organization also calls on the government to pay stipends, wages and salaries as a matter of emergency to help reduce hardship.

We also call on the government to direct all the national electricity regulatory bodies and firms, all water boards to provide and release adequate uninterrupted power and water supply nationwide, this will go a long way in keeping people comfortably at home. Considering the hot summer conditions.

Meanwhile, we’re passionately appealing to all and sundry to strictly adhere to all guidelines provided toward the fight against the escalation of the pandemic and as we’ll do the needful by reporting oneself if contacted with the virus. We all have a distinctive and complementary role to play, let’s join hands together with the government to fight the horrifying virus.

We urge you all to remain at home! Stay at home and stay Safe!

– Mar. 31, 2020 @ 18:05 GMT |

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