End Violence against Children appoints Daniela Ligiero as new Chair


The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, has appointed Daniela Ligiero, as its new chairperson. Ligiero is the executive director and chief executive officer of Together for Girls, a global public-private partnership dedicated to ending violence against children, with a particular focus on sexual violence against girls.

She has served as member of the executive committee since the End Violence was established in 2016. Ligiero takes over from Kathleen Cravero, president of Oak Foundation. The End Violence also welcomes the appointment of two new members to the executive committee. Namely, Débora Cobar, the regional director for Latin America and Caribbean at Plan International and Gugulethu Thenjiwe Ndebele, the chief executive officer of the Save the Children South Africa will reinforce civil society representation in the panel of senior experts and professionals driving the strategic agenda and advising technical operations of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children.

Both new members were appointed following nomination by the Civil Society Forum. Cobar and Ndebele have assumed their functions immediately and participated in their first executive committee meeting held in New York on October 25 and 26 2018.

Howard Taylor, the executive director, End Violence, said: “I very much welcome Daniela’s selection as chair of the End Violence executive committee, and look forward working more closely with her in this new role. I’d also like to thank Kathleen Cravero for so successfully chairing the executive committee during the start-up phase of the Global Partnership, and for her invaluable support and advice in my early months as executive director.

“And given the important role that civil society plays in preventing and responding to violence against children, I’d also like to welcome Debora and Gugu to the executive committee, bringing with them such extensive knowledge, experience and networks.

“End Violence is deeply grateful to  Dr. Kathleen Cravero, who chaired the Executive committee for over two years during which End Violence has enrolled 23 pathfinding countries, grown its membership to over 320 organisations, helped develop and promote the INSPIRE solutions, awarded $30 million in grants, and galvanized those working to end violence against children, including through an inaugural End Violence Solutions Summit in Stockholm earlier this year.”

– Nov. 2, 2018 @ 14:46 GMT |

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