Envoy urges FG to prioritise rights of women, girl child


THE Ambassador of the European Union to Nigeria, Mr Ketil Karlsen, has urged the Federal Government of Nigeria and civil societies to focus on and prioritise the rights of women and girls.

Mr Karlsen made the call during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja before the famed Nigerian stage play “Hear Word! Naija Women Talk True” organised by the Delegation of the European Union to Nigeria.

“Together with the United Nations we are trying to work with the Nigerian government to bridge gender gap and give better opportunities for women and girls in Nigeria.

“We are appealing to the Federal Government and civil societies to provide support by including women and girls in more areas in the society.

Mr Karlsen said the just concluded election illustrates the marginalisation of women in the Nigerian society as well as statistics showing out of school girls and sexually assaulted women.

“Look at the just concluded elections, I believe far far too few women have been elected into offices.

“Look at tgirls that are deprived from having basic education and women that have suffered sexual abuse.

He emphasized on the importance of promoting and showcasing rights for women and girls everyday of the year through different initiatives.

“The message that should resonate from this play is the importance of rights for women and girls.

“As Ambassador, I can’t think of a more noble cause than to promote better rights for women and girls.

“We are trying to put the spotlight on very sensitive and important themes, we know there are many challenges for women and girls all over the world but definitely in Nigeria the challenges are very significant.”

“Rights of women and girls should be promoted every single day of the year not only on the occasion of International Women’s Day.”

The live performance was organized as part of events to mark the International Women’s Day 2019.

“Hear Word! Naija women talk true featured renowned actresses, Joke Silva, Taiwo Ajax-Lycett among others.

The stage drama celebrated women who despite all odds, moved beyond barriers to achieve solutions. (NAN)

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