IDG 2019: Expert advocates inclusion of boy-child

Inimfon Etuk
Inimfon Etuk

THE Founder of SheForum Africa, an NGO, Ms Inimfon Etuk, has advocated carrying along the boy-child in the activities while celebrating the International Day of the Girl child (IDG), globally.

Etuk made the call on Friday in Abuja during the commemoration of the 2019 International Day of the Girl-child.

SheForum Africa is an Abuja based Pan Africa women development, leadership and lifestyle NGO.

She urged government and private bodies to include the girl-child and boy-child as part of its activities.

“ In building the capacity of the girl-child in ICT and virtual learning, it would be good to also take into consideration that boy-child.

“ Just like the girl-child, the boy-child should also be paid attention to on days like,  to achieve balanced learning.

“ Boys are also faced with discrimination, negative cultural practices, harassment, violence and abuse but the society has sort of suppressed it because they only relate with the girls.

“ Abuse can come in the form of use of language, over stepping boundaries which is going beyond an acceptable kind of way, ‘’ She said.

Etuk said for inclusive and encompassing learning to be achieved, boys should be carried along with the girls in the world celebrations today.

The founder further suggested that more youths should be taught to leverage on ICT skills in order to influence global change and be liberated.

“ After the ability of the girl-child and boy- child to imbibe communication skills and self-confidence skills, the next thing to leverage on is ICT and innovative skills which will better equip them for the future.

“Exposure to ICT opens up so much possibilities, innovation opens the mind,’’ She said.

According to her, it is good for young children to be quickly exposed to the abundant realities that ICT provides.

“There is so much opportunity in ICT available to both male and female, that is why we cannot limit ourselves to the little things we have learnt in a little corner.

“We are only as good as the range of our thoughts, skills and our capacities that fit into current trends and that is why ICT skills are really important to learn.

NAN reports that Oct.11 is United Nations  International Day for the Girl- child with the theme, “ Girlforce: unscripted and unstoppable.’’

The Day highlights and addresses the needs and challenges faced by girls such as child marriage, right to education inequality, violence, self-esteem.

It borders on their rights to go to public or worship places during menstruation as well as seeking to promote girls` empowerment and their human rights. (NAN)

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