Onobrakpeya advises women to fight against domestic violence, girl-child abuse


A veteran artist, Prof. Bruce Onobrakpeya, has advised women to do everything within their capacities to eradicate domestic violence and abuse of the girl-child from the world.

Also, Horvath Agota Terezia, the Commercial Counsellor in the Embassy of Hungary Trade Office, Lagos, said that artists would perform better if they should start practising it from childhood.

Onobrakpeya and Terezia spoke  late on Sunday in Lagos at the opening of the maiden international exhibition: “Strength of a Woman’’, at Terra Kulture on Victoria Island, Lagos.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the six-day exhibition was being organised  by #sisterArt.

Prof. Bruce Onobrakpeya told NAN that the strength of women could best be measured by how they fight for what they believe in.

The sculptor said, “Societal change can best be achieved when the people challenge the ills that are being perpetrated against them and thus liberate themselves.’’

The painter also recalled how some women protested in the past in parts of the country by going nude to correct certain societal ills.

He said that the Aba Women’s Riots of 1929 and the Abeokuta Women’s Revolt of 1947 led by the Abeokuta Women’s Union were still fresh in our memories.

They were some of the platforms that women employed then to kick against some vices in the society, he said.

He, however, commended the current female artists who had chosen their professional callings to champion the cause of womanhood.

“Some 35 female artists, instead of marching nude or carrying placards, are using  this maiden international exhibition to fight for the rights of the girl-child,’’ he said.

He said that the theme of the exhibition was very apt and timely as they would bring the attention of the viewers at the exhibition to the plights of the girl- child.

Onobrakpeya said that it would also help to change the attitudes of male gender toward the feminine gender.

“I am speaking of the obstacles that make it difficult for the girl-child to compete favourably with their male counterparts in all areas.’’

He advised female artists and women in general not to relent in their agitations until when both genders would be able to walk side-by-side to attain a near perfect world for the human race.

“We urged this group of female artists to keep on marching with their flag flying until such a time when obstacles on the path of women and the girl-child are removed,’’ he said.

Also, Horvath Agota Terezia, the Commercial Counsellor in the Embassy of Hungary Trade Office, Lagos, said that artists would perform better if they should start practising it from childhood.

Terezia, the special guest of honour at the exhibition said, “It is very important to provide this for our children already in the nursery or in the elementary school to develop their creativity in their early stages.

“An artist is not only creative but more sensitive also, they can feel and express more the changes of the surrounding world,’’ the diplomat said.

She also said that all kinds of arts and craft: dance, music, performing arts, carving, and sculpture were very important in the development of the personality.

“Arts is creativity and creativity is in close connection to the science,’’ she said.

Terezia described the community of the #sisterArt, as colourful and as the world which symbolised the strength of unity and dedication toward art and culture world-wide.

Also, Idowu Sonya, the Chairman, Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA) Lagos State Chapter, said that the girl-child needed to be educated to the point that she would be aware of her worth as a human being.

“She needs to face the challenges with guts so that she can excel and become the very best in   her chosen endeavour.

“I see a woman as a bundle of an art work by the creator, with a lot of creative potential, which in most cases are not being expressed due to societal limitations.

“These limitations include: religious intolerance, culture and traditions, family issues, sex abuse, and health care problem,’’ he said.

He commended the BrotherArt Productions for creating the #sisterArt.

He said they would be helping to educate both male and female folks on the benefits abound if women were given the opportunities to express themselves freely about societal developments.

He said that government all over the world needed to enact laws that would promote gender equality in every country.

“If done, there will be balance for better family,’’ he said.


NAN reports that the exhibition will end on June 7.



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