Boost your income, apply yourself to technology usage, expert urges youths

Jobless Nigerian youths
Nigerian youths

Shakir Taiwo-Jalupon, the Founder, Bridge Deck Marine Ltd., on Wednesday urged youths to apply themselves more to technology usage to be more relevant economically.

Taiwo-Jalupon, a Nautical Scientist, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that youths should take full advantage of google which serves as a mechanism for gathering information.

According to him, every environment and culture has things that are peculiar to them and by applying google; technology can help enhance the lives of people.

“For instance, here in Nigeria our youths recently used the Uber application model to create; that is applying technology to our local environment.

“There is a lot of partnership going on through google and it’s promoters will always make them relevant.

“So, the Nigeria youths need to learn from that; we need to go back and see what we have and what application we can create that will make the world want to buy from us,” he said.

Taiwo-Jalupon advised the youths to understand the importance of hard work and shun quick money schemes such as “yahoo money”.

He said that youths should be more conscious of their character and develop integrity if they were going to use google technology for online businesses like buying and selling.

“Doing businesses online and applying intellectual property has to do with trust, so, it is expedient that our youths build that trust.

“One issue our youths should have in mind is that profit is not always 100 per cent but sometimes comes in lower percentages with the volume of sales.

“You cannot invest N100, 000 and expect to make profits of N100, 000 immediately but if you can make N5, 000 every time you invest N100, 000 on a daily basis, that is volume of sales,” he said.

Taiwo-Jalupon said that this was the concept the rich apply all over the world on their businesses and urged the youths to change their mindset and make Google more valuable.

“Most of us using smart phones are mostly concerned with Facebook and other social media applications neglecting the full potential of google services in expanding businesses,” he said. (NAN)

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