Economic Development: Nsukka residents want FG to prioritise youth empowerment

Jobless Nigerian youths
Nigerian youths

Some residents of Nsukka Town on Wednesday urged the Federal Government to give priority to job creation and empowerment in 2019 to reduce poverty and unemployment levels in Nigeria.

The residents who spoke in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) said that if majority of jobless Nigerians, especially youths, were gainfully employed, the country’s economy would experience rapid growth.

Mr Joel Urama, a banker, said if majority of citizens got jobs, they would contribute their quota, which would stimulate and boost various sectors of the economy.

“When I say employment it does not mean it must be white collar jobs, some can be empowered with skills; or learn a business; and government can provide the start-up capital.

“Government should put adequate measures in place that will ensure that every graduate, regardless of institution of study or discipline, acquires at least a skill before he or she graduates.

“This will ensure that every graduate produced by a tertiary institution, becomes a potential job creator instead of a job seeker,’’ Urama said.

Mrs Philomena Ezeugwu, a civil servant, said providing employment and empowering millions of jobless Nigerians would not only boost the country’s economy, but would go a long way in reducing crime.

“The best way to reduce crime in this country is to ensure that our teeming jobless youths are provided with something to keep them busy, because an idle man they say is the devil’s workshop.

“Youths as future leaders should be equipped and empowered to enable them to compete with their counterparts globally.

“Some youths get involved in crimes like kidnapping, armed robbery, prostitution and terrorism because they are jobless and have no money to take care of themselves,’’ Ezeugwu said.

On his part, Mr Tony Ezema, a School Principal, said that if government policies did not address youth empowerment adequately, every effort to develop the economy would be an exercise in futility.

“Youths are the economic strength of any nation, which is why the quality of youths you see in any country determines its progress.

“Nigeria is currently ranked the world’s poverty capital, because majority of our productive youths, though full of energy, are jobless and contribute nothing to the economy.

“All the developed countries like the U.S., China, Japan, put in place good policies that create jobs for their citizens and empower their youths.

“That is the reason the poverty levels in these countries are very low,’’ Ezema said. (NAN)

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