Nigeria @59: NGO calls for attitudinal change among youths


THE Useful Youth Vision Concept (UYVC), an NGO, has called on stakeholders at all levels to intensify efforts at making life better for the youth as well as eradicating social maladies in the country.

The UYVC Executive Director, Mrs Adetokunbo Shonibare, who made this call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Abuju, said that Nigerians needed to change their ways for the Change Agenda to work.

She called for attitudinal change, saying that Nigerians should believe in the unity of the country, as according to her, change truly begins with every Nigerian.

Shonibare pointed out that the current govrrnment efforts on social mobilisation and positive citizen engagement, should be improved upon to produce the desired result.

She also said that as government was trying its best in the areas of infrastructure development and economic revival, it should also spend more on quality education and positive re-orientation of the Nigerian youth.

“It is unfortunate that people see infrastructure built or constructed for the good of all as government property, as they misuse them instead of protecting them.

“We need to change our attitude towards everything, including the way we view government and its property.

“The group lauds some initiatives of the federal and state governments that support and empower poor Nigerians, yet it observes that they can do more and even better, “she said.

Shonibare, however, expressed worries over the spate of killings, kidnappings, robberies and the level of corruption in the country.

“The first fight against corruption is the human mind. We must also learn how to forgive one another because a forgiving heart is what we need as a nation to move forward.

“As we celebrate this 59th anniversay, let us have it at the back of our minds that Nigeria would be great again and become the true giant of Africa.

“Nigeria is not as bad as it is being portrayed. If we can put hands together and support what President Muhammadu Buhari is doing, everything will fall in line,” she said.

Shonibare also canvassed for behavioural change through ethics and mentality renovation, saying that Nigerians must “willingly police their minds without being policed,” (NAN)

– Sept. 30, 2019 @ 13:55 GMT |

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