Social media: Comedian Koffi advises youths on time management


COMEDIAN Koffi Ayinde Idowu Nuel, popularly known as Koffi, on Wednesday advised Nigerian youths to avoid wasting their time on social media.

Koffi gave the advice at an hangout session themed “Monetising the creations”, organised by 27th Street Entertainment company.

He further said Nigerian youths should make use of scale of preference and priority.

“Young people should have a scale of preference and priority to make it in life as time management is essential in whatever we do in life.

“Young people should avoid wasting their time on social media. What the youth do not understand is that, they own the time now and whatever time wasted today cannot be gotten back.

“When I see young people the first question I ask is, ‘what are you doing with your time.’ You should use your time to add value to yourself.

“It is sad that this environment that does not respect time, so we have also build ourselves in a way that we do not respect time.

“If you have a purpose-filled day, every other thing will follow. When you waste your time on what is not relevant, irrelevance crops in.

“Yes, we all like entertainment but this same entertainment which should be the solution for Nigerian youths can also be their destruction when the time spent on it is not managed.

“Time is just like a word of promise which should be held dearly.Time translates differently to us all. Remember that you do not see 45 minutes the same way a footballer sees it,” he said.

Koffi further advised youths to gather experience to make good use of their time. (NAN)

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