Zoning structure in Enugu politics will not suffer come 2023 no matter the interest – Efoke

Government of Enugu State

IT was agreed that from 1999 when the military handed over power to the civilians, there was a political tension as regards who assumes the democratic leadership until God in His infinite Mercy brought about this existing and peaceful zoning structure in Enugu state.

Emma Efoke, aide to Enugu State governor, said in a statement that it was also agreed that the zoning structure provided a fair playing ground to all quarters of the state and that it was absolutely wrong and ungodly to mention that the Enugu state zoning structure “is illegal or selfishly adopted”.

According to him, zoning transcends development, hence the clamour for zoning by states yet to adopt zoning formula. “Zoning brings about justice and equity therefore, we cannot jettison the idea of zoning at this stage,” he said.

He noted that the zoning structure thrives successfully and peacefully for these decades and it will be tantamount to evil spirit for anyone to attempt to destroy or stop it.

“The zoning structure has been peaceful, orderly, progressive and has come to stay by the grace of God.

“The zoning structure has rotated, starting from Enugu East Zone 1999 to 2007, then Enugu West Zone 2007 to 2015, currently, Enugu North zone 2015 to 2023. Finally, rotation will go back to Enugu East Zone, 2023 to 2031.

“Its also expedient to note it’s never an assumption as claimed by some dreamers, rather a reality, tradition, prevalent and God’s design for the Governorship power in Enugu state come 2023 will emerge from Enugu Senatorial zone.

“As it is a well known fact that a great Leader is an ordinary person with extraordinary wisdom, Ndi Enugu is blessed with a God fearing Leader, who despite all odds, still excels on the delivery of good governance to Ndi Enugu.

“If the full moon loves you, why worry about the stars is a Tunisian proverb very deep in meaning.

“We shall continue to chorus that Enugu is in the hands of God because we are blessed as a people,” he added.

– May 25, 2020 @ 17:55 GMT |

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