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  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

    Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

    “Structuring Successful Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Managing Competitive Electricity Markets & Attracting Merchant Power Investments.” — Dates & Locations: 9 – 12 Sep, Johannesburg 2014 | 20 – 23 Oct, Dubai 2014 | 18 – 21 Nov, Singapore 2014.
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  • Gas & LNG Contracts; Structures, Pricing & Negotiation

    Event: Gas & LNG Contracts: Structures, Pricing & Negotiation

    “A comprehensive all-in-one course addressing all key elements for successful gas & LNG business strategies.” — Dates & Locations: 25 – 29 Aug. 2014, Johannesburg | 08 – 12 Sep. 2014, Port of Spain | 17 – 21 Nov. 2014, Dubai | 01 – 05 Dec. 2014, Kuala Lumpur.
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  • POLITICS is a zero sum game where politicians involved in partisan politics either win or lose a contest. In Nigeria, where the winner takes all attitude is the nature of the political game, it is understandable why politicians who have occupied elective positions finds it difficult to let go of the mantle of power. They crave to control power or whoever succeeds them even if it is through the back door. This is why presidents or governors are very much interested in who will succeed them. They play the game knowing fully well that if they should lose control of who succeeds them they lose it all and their political future could be dicey. …
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    Francis Cardinal Arinze, former president, Secretariat for Inter-Religious Dialogue, Vatican, Rome, 82, November 1. He was educated in Nigeria and England. Arinze became cardinal in 1985, and before ...