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  • LAST week witnessed intense political activity from major political parties in the country. It started on Monday, December 8, with a lot of horse trading among contestants in the heat of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP governorship primaries. By the time the result came out, the unexpected happened. Most of the people who were expected to win, especially ministers who oozed confidence when they left their plum jobs at the federal government, woefully crashing out without clinching the ticket in their states. Those who won are smiling and strategising for 2015 while the losers are licking their wounds while some are already protesting profusely …
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  • ECOWAS Bolsters Ebola Fight

    ECOWAS Bolsters Ebola Fight

    The Economic Community of West African States, is strengthening its fight against Ebola Virus Disease by deploying 192 military medical personnel from eight member states over the next six months to ...


Guest Writer

  • Heeding the Demands of the People

    Heeding the Demands of the People

    MANY gatherings of African Heads of State and Governments are too often depicted as historical. Yet with hindsight few stand the test of time. It should not be the case if the Summit of the Economic ...



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    Joseph Chiaka Ajaero, former general secretary, National Union of Electricity Employees, NUEE, and former deputy national chairman, Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, 50, December 17. Born in Emekuku, ...