RAdvert Rates


DescriptionLocationSize In PixelRates Per (Naira/dollar)
Full Banner Right hand side of the logo468 X 60₦600,000.00 
Half BannerRight hand side of the logo234 X 60₦500,000.00 
Box bannerRight hand side, under Editorial items300 X 300₦500,000.00 
Full rectangular boardCentre, under Editorial items620 X 100₦300,000.:00 
Half rectangular boardCentre, under Editorial  
310 X 100₦350,000.00 
2X6 Strip(Weekly)Right/Left /Hand side/middle300 X100₦500.000.00 
Full Page Advert in Realnews  Anniversary BrochureInside Page of Realnews  Anniversary brochureFull Page₦630,000.00 
Outside Back page₦1,050,000.00
Inside Front/Backpage₦1,050,000.00
Centre page₦2,575,000.00
Feature/Interviews/Sponsored Articles
Sponsored Post/News₦200,000.00
Stories Widget/RSS Feed$10,000


  • Special sizes and locations are negotiable on request
  • Newsletter sponsorship — negotiable 

Inside Pages

DescriptionLocationSize In PixelRates Per (Naira/dollar)
Full rectangular boardUnder Editorial items620 X 100₦350,000.00
Half rectangular boardUnder Editorial items310 X 100₦300,000.00


  • All Advert rates are exclusive of 5 VAT.
  • Artwork to be provided by advertisers, saved in JPEG, GIF or SWF format.
  • All Adverts should be pre-paid before publication. 
  • Artwork may be sent by e-mail (as attachment to mechigbo@yahoo.com) or submitted (by hand or through  the post) on CD/DVD or flash drive.
  • Advert rates are subject to review.
  • All adverts are subject to legal vetting prior to publication.
  • Special Adverts/Features/Interviews and  sponsored articles are negotiable.