Siemens emphasises its commitment to Sudan

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JANINA Kugel, a member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG together with regional and pan African executive management visited Sudan. Kugel held a strategic partnership discussion with Vice President Bakri Hassan Salih Khairi of Sudan where the global leader in the fields of Electrification, Automation and Digitalisation had expressed interest in supporting further energy infrastructure and skills development initiatives.

“The focus on infrastructure investments and partnerships between public and private sectors remain a key priority for us to realize the ambitions we have for the country. Together with Sudan we have strategically identified electrification as a catalyst to stimulate socio-economic growth. Electricity will grow existing industries as well as create new ones. It also enables the advancement of social investments into priorities such as healthcare,” Kugel said.

Siemens also signed an Operation and Maintenance, O&M, contract with the Sudanese Thermal Power Generating Company, STPGC, which covers aspects and activities necessary for the running of the Garri Power Station in the North of the Khartoum, and the Port Sudan on the country’s Red Sea coast.

Sabine Dall’Omo, Chief Executive of Siemens Southern & Eastern Africa said: “The O&M agreement will indeed minimize the operational risks and maximize plant availability. As the original manufacturer of the turbines, we are best positioned to partner with STPGC. This agreement is also tangible evidence of our mutual long term relationship with the country.” On a full time basis, the O&M contract offers the full benefits that digitalization brings to the energy sector, such as remote monitoring and preventative maintenance.

Since the signing of the memorandum of understanding to cooperate in the areas of power supply, industry, transportation and healthcare during WEF Africa, Siemens has established a local company in Sudan.

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