Congress says Buhari has right to re-contest in 2019


THE Muslim Congress (TMC), a faith-based organisation, says President Muhammadu Buhari, as a Nigerian citizen, has the right to re-contest for a second term in office.

The Chairman of the TMC’s Committee on Social Mobility, the Economy & Politics, Luqman AbdurRaheem, stated this on the side-line of the presentation of the 10th quarterly “State of the Nation Address” by the committee in Lagos.

AbdurRaheem said “as a citizen, the president has the right to vote and to be voted for’’.

He said: “We are not a political association or organisation, but we respect the rule of law and the constitution and we also register within that particular framework.

“President Muhammadu Buhari is a citizen of Nigeria; he has right to agitate, he has right to contest.

“So, any other individual or interest group also has the right to declare their intention.’’

“But did we sign agreement with him? It was just information.

“When you are in political contestation, you don’t have some decisions; you don’t have right over some decision, it’s a party issue.

“The party said you should come again, so that you can take us to the promise land. So there is nothing wrong in what he has done.

“Those who are criticising him, join party and announce your own, then let us go to the political platform and see who will win.

“So, it’s just an intention, which he (Buhari) has right to.

“In the law of men and the law of God, he has right.

“However, we want the political associations to give Nigerians credible, knowledgeable people who are going to deliver the goods.

“It may be him, or other persons, that is the position of our organisation.

“We are neither PDP nor APC, but we feel everybody has the right to announce, to agitate. It is left for me to use my PVC to vote for the person I like.’’

He also commended the Federal Government for taking practical steps towards improving the economy and the rising foreign reserves.

“The Federal Government needs to be commended for the rising foreign reserve, which is expected to hit the 50 billion dollar mark by the end of the year.

`This is despite the fact that the price of crude oil has fallen from an average of 70 dollars per barrel to 68 dollars in March this year.

“The reserve, as at the beginning of January 2018 was 39.3 billion dollars before rising to 42.8 billion dollars in February and reaching a new high of 46 billion dollars in March.’’

On the mopping up of illegal arms, criminality and the 2019 elections, he urged the Police to redouble its efforts in ensuring that the recovery of illegal succeeded.

“This is because of the inherent danger in allowing armed groups, gangs and criminals walk freely in the society.

“A case in point is the deadly bank robbery in Offa in Kwara with the attendant loss of at least 17 lives.

“When criminals have arms and ammunitions with nothing to do, they will simply make use of the weapons for criminal activities.

“Though the Police needs commendation for the recovery of large cache of arms in Imo, Rivers and other states, a lot still needs to be done considering that there is likely to be more bloodshed as the 2019 Elections gets nearer,’’ he said. (NAN)

– Apr. 16, 2018 @ 17:35 GMT


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