62nd Independence: National Troupe stages “Echoes of the Drums”, emphasises harmony

Fri, Sep 30, 2022
By editor


THE National Troupe of Nigeria (NTN) on Thursday staged a play, titled, “Echoes of the Drums”, emphasising on the need for Nigerians to imbibe harmonious lifestyle.

Alhaji Ahmed Mohammed, Artistic Director, NTN, said that the relevance of the play was in the subtle allegorical messages of love, brotherliness, unity, co-habitation and hope.

Mohammed noted that these messages were creatively twined and knitted through drums and music rhythms.

According to him, such messages are needed at this stage of the nation’s political and social life as a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society.

He, however, urged Nigerians to be committed to making the nation work on all fronts.

He said this could only be possible when individuals take conscious efforts to be united in purpose and indivisible in spirit.

“The performance is a major production of NTN in the 2022 production season and it is our contribution to celebrate Nigeria at 62.

“NTN is strongly committed to encouraging creativity, discovery and development of talents in the performing arts through artistic productions geared toward national aspirations.

“The play was written by Ola Awakan,” he said.

Mohammed expressed readiness to partner with government agencies, non-governmental agencies, corporate organisations and diplomatic corps to drive the unity mandate.

Earlier, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, said that the concept of using storytelling, drumming and other traditional mediums to promote peace and unity was very important in the nation’s quest for social integration and development.

Mohammed was represented by Mrs Oluwabunmi Amao, Director-General, Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilisation (CBAAC).

According to him, drumming and storytelling are two very important components of the African culture which has been engaged overtime for entertainment and as vital means of communication.

“I am particularly pleased with the fact that we are witnessing the synergy and the use of two traditional mediums of communication, which is drumming and storytelling to convey the message of peace, brotherliness and togetherness to the Nigerian people.

“This is important as we look forward to celebrating the 62nd independence celebration of our dear nation.

“I find this quite critical at this time of our national life, we must deploy these mediums inherent in our culture as veritable tools to foster social interaction, peace, unity and progress among the people of Nigeria,” he said.

Also, Alhaji Adedayo Thomas, Executive Director, National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB), commended NTN for a laudable presentation, urging Nigerians to embrace peace and harmonious lifestyle.

Thomas advised NTN to take stage plays to secondary schools to catch the children young culturally and ensure all ethnic groups and tribes become united again.

“This is a good one, NTN has my total support on this because this is an avenue through which more understanding can be effected among Nigerians and unity can be achieved,” he said.

Mr Mike Anyanwu, Director of the play, said he was attracted to the play because it gave significance to African drums, their invocative and therapeutic nature.

Anyanwu said he embraced the play because it centered around the need for unity.

According to him, his major challenge directing the play was getting composite artistes who can act, dance and drum.

He said another challenge was having to integrate all element of theatre production like music, drumming, acting and all.

Tairu Ajibode, who acted as Sango in the play, said his major challenge during the production of the play was sustaining his dance and delivering his lines simultaneously.

Ajibode said he had to go through several sessions of breathing exercise and dance rehearsals to be able to act well.

He urged Nigerians to uphold the morals  projected in the play which had to do with imbibing and sustaining unity as this would help individuals across the nation achieve their common goals.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that “Echoes of the Drums” is set within the birth of the first set of triplets- Awogbola, Onlude and Ayanlade in Ilu Ayan, as their mother did not live long after their birth.

Abayan, their father and head of the clan of drummers brings them up in the best way he can, in the way of the drums.

They were able to overcome every challenge until suspicion and disagreement among them leads to separation but they were barely able to overcome their various encounters as separate individuals.

Fate brings them together in the final onslaught by the forest beings and spirits.

This was likened to Nigeria with three different ethnic groups and several tribes clamouring for separation. (NAN)