78 ex-US ambassadors write Trump over 'Shithole' comment

Fri, Jan 19, 2018 | By publisher



THE recent ‘shithole’ comment credited to President Donald Trump of the United States, which is still generating reactions across the world seem to have incurred more wrath for the president. Seventy-eight former US ambassadors, who served in Africa, have joined in condemning the racial comment by reminding Trump about the great exploits and potentials of the continent.

The ambassadors in a letter made available to Realnews expressed deep concern regarding reports of the recent remarks about African countries and to attest to the importance of US partnerships with most of the 54 African nations. They said that Africa is a continent of great human talent and rich diversity, as well as extraordinary beauty and almost unparalleled natural resources.

According to them, it is also a continent with deep historical ties with the US. “As American ambassadors abroad we have seen Africa’s complex and rich cultures, awe-inspiring resilience, and breathtaking generosity and compassion. Even as some nations have faced challenges, we have counted among our contacts dynamic entrepreneurs, gifted artists, committed activists, passionate conservationists, and brilliant educators.

“We learned of novel solutions to complex problems, helped American companies find partners critical to their success, and counted on African military and intelligence officials who often assumed real risks to help achieve outcomes critical to our shared security. We know that respectful engagement with these countries is a vital part of protecting our own national interests.

“The United States of America is safer, healthier, more prosperous, and better equipped to solve problems that confront all of humanity when we work with, listen to, and learn from our African partners.  We also know that the entire world is richer because of the contributions of Africans, including the many Americans of African descent. It was one of the greatest honors of our lives to represent the United States of America abroad.  It was also a privilege to live in and learn from the diverse and spectacular countries of Africa.

“We hope that you will reassess your views on Africa and its citizens, and recognize the important contributions Africans and African Americans have made and continue to make to our country, our history, and the enduring bonds that will always link Africa and the United States,” the statement said.


–   Jan.  19, 2018 @ 13:39 GMT