Abia: Our path to the top

Thu, Mar 30, 2023
By editor


By Ody Ajike

AT the outset of the current democratic dispensation, Abians have been levied and pacified with uninspiring leaderships. Predictably, our worst times will end on May 29, 2023. From this date, Abians will collectively make great things happen. It is remarkable to note that, four things that devastate people in any political system are wars, natural disasters, economic failures and weak/corrupt leadership.

We have faced man-made developmental failures greater than wars, uninspiring leaderships that are greater than natural disasters and abject economic failures triggered by corrupt/weak leaderships.

Our decline featured the worst any people could bear until the enthronement of this new Alexandrian order that will set the stage for prosperous building.

In Abia, physical and social infrastructure are non existent or primitive. The public service and social safety nets are in tartars. Public trust in government is non-existent, while corruption rates are busting tops across board. School classrooms and medical centres are fit for pigs, while internally generated revenues are stashed in private pockets as credit collapse looms or rather existential.

In Abia, we have a form of boutique government wherein the governor and his cohorts struggle to make, take and distribute our common wealth among themselves. 

Abians are determined to build wealth and power themselves and spread prosperity across board. The new Abia leadership must then focus on education with a technical bias. This will drive competitiveness, innovation and technology, increased productivity, stronger economic output, security and development.

However, we must not forget that the incoming government will be faced with significant challenges to its rule, but our resilience should ensure we overcome.

It’s our ken to support Otti to design an excellent system integrated for meaningful development with a focus on investments, income growth, infrastructure, education and technological innovations. Otti is open to the best thinking in the world and Abians are sure we will become more productive and prosperous. 

The end of our pathological socio-political deterioration is here. The end of the predatory economic accumulation of our common wealth is here. The seed of the pathway to our recovery has been planted and this new path will deliver too much, too early to too many Abians. Alex is our path to the top.

Ajike is a renowned legal practitioner and security expert.