Afenifere leader, Anwar-Ul-Islam, Tajudeen Olanrewaju, Makanjuola pay tribute to ex-Lagos principal

Wed, May 24, 2023
By editor


THE Anwar-Ul-Islam Movement of Nigeria, Afenifere Leader Ayo Adebanjo and some other dignitaries on Wednesday showered encomiums on late Lagos School Principal, Alhaji Jimoh Gbadamosi.

The other dignitaries include a former Minister of Communications, retired Maj.-Gen. Tajudeen Olanrewaju; Prof. Adele Jinadu of the University of Lagos and Mr Aderemi Makanjuola, Chairman of Board of Caverton Offshore Support Group.

They eulogised the late educationist at the eight-day Fida’u Prayers organised in his honour by the Islamic movement, at the Eko Club, Surulere, Lagos State.

At event, the President of Anwar-Ul-Islam Movement of Nigeria, Alhaji Mubashir Ojelade, described Gbadamosi, a one-time General Secretary of the movement, as clean in character and conduct.

Ojelade, an old student of Ahmadiyya College, Agege, Lagos (now Anwar-Islam College), said that the late educationist was his principal and one of the leaders of the movement, who served in several capacities.

Ojelabi, also a former Vice President, National Secretary and Legal Adviser of the movement, equally described Gbadamosi as a thoroughbred educationist, whose contributions to education would be remembered.

“He was hardworking, thorough and fair-minded. He was kind and firm and could be tough on matters of indiscipline.

“He had zero tolerance for indiscipline. He was a disciplinarian. We thank God for his life,” he said.

Also, Adebanjo applauded Gbadamosi’s impact on education, saying that his passion and commitment would not be forgotten.

“When you talk about educational advancement of Muslims, particularly in Nigeria, you must mention Gbadamosi.

“He was a selfless educationist, a great patriot, humble, energetic and religious,” Adebanjo said.

He urged the current crop of educationists to raise the standard of discipline and love for students and the country.

“They must take students as their own children and mentor them in moral courage and religiousity,” he said.

In his tribute, Olanrewaju said that the late educationist was his in-law and principal and teacher at Ahmadiyya College, Agege, from 1961 to 1965.

He said that Gbadamosi was a father figure to every student that passed through him.

“There are so many things to be said about late Gbadamosi.

“Baba was a hero to every student that went to Ahmadiyya College during his time.

“He was a principal emeritus. He showed examples; he lived by simplicity and self-discipline.

“He never disconnected from the family where he married from, and from his own family and the religion he believed in.

“He was a very devout Muslim, who believed in the doctrines and practice of Islam,” he said.

In his remarks, Jinadu described the late principal as a kind man, who was strong in character and full of empathy.

“He was a very kind man who had a way of attracting to himself, family members, former students and friends.

“He was in the public life, and he distinguished himself, and people kept coming back to him.

“ He was also a family man with sound Islamic value,” Jinadu said.

Makanjuola also described the late Gbadamosi as a disciplinarian who cared for all the students that passed through him.

Makanjuola, an old student of the college, said that the late principal was his mentor and great pillar of support.

“He was my mentor, my father and my friend. I will really miss him. He did a lot in my life.

“He was a disciplinarian, a human being that cared for all his students,” he said.

Also, a business mogul and in-law to the deceased, Chief Alex Onabanjo, described the late principal as an honest man and educationist per excellence.

“He was a man that did not just take care of his biological children but took care of lot of other children.

“He was a man of God because we saw God in everything he did. We don’t have many educationists like Gbadamosi today,” he said.

The guest lecturer at the event, Alhaji Sakirudeen Abdul-Gafar, who described the deceased as a good man, said that every man would embark on the journey to eternity someday.

Preaching a sermon from Quran 76, the cleric said, “We should not forget ourselves in the world.

“A time will come when we will transit from this world. It is not how far but how well that matters.

“Death is not the end of our existence but a means to another existence.

“We should do well. We shall be made to return to our creator. Nothing of our deeds shall be concealed from the knowledge of Almighty Allah.

“We shall be judged according to our deeds.’’

Abdu-Gafar urged Nigerians to be close to God and be good to humanity.

“This is what God demands,’’ he added.

In another lecture, Alhaji Dhul-Nureni Onimosa, Chief Imam of Mushin Mission, Lagos, said that only God is immortal.

Onimosa said that Gbadamosi’s life and times were impactful on humanity; hence, the crowd of people at Fida’u prayers.

Alhaji Lawal Pedro, the National President, Anwar-Ul Islam College, Agege, Old Students Association, called for inauguration of an annual symposium to immortalise the deceased’s contributions to education development.

Leading the Fida’u Prayers, Alhaji Ahmad Yoosuf, the National Chief Missioner of the society, prayed for the family and all others that the deceased left behind.

Mr Biodun Gbadamosi, the second son of the deceased, said that his father taught him to be selfless, contented and humane.

Biodun, a former General Manager of Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA), said that his father was a philanthropist, kindhearted, strict and lived by example.

“You heard what many people have been saying about him. Baba left a legacy of honesty, dedication, punctuality and contentment.

“He lived a fulfilled and happy life. He will be greatly missed by his immediate family, extended family, students, friends and associates,”  Biodun said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the late Gbadamosi was born on March 18, 1927.

He was a Principal of Anwar-Ul Islam Model College, Agege, from 1960 to 1976, and that of Jubril Martin Memorial Grammar School, Iponri, Lagos State, from 1976 to 1977.

Gbadamosi was the General Secretary of Auwar-Ul Islam Movement of Nigeria from 1981 to 1987.
He died on May 15, 2023 at age 96. (NAN)