Africa CDC, AU pledge support for Gavi 2024 AVMA unveiling

Sun, Jun 9, 2024
By editor


THE Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) and the African Union (AU) have pledged their full support for the forthcoming Gavi’s 2024 African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator (AVMA).

A statement from the Africa CDC on Sunday said the AVMA inauguration, which will hold on June 20 in Paris, France, will provide financial incentives to help vaccine manufacturers in Africa scale up production and become sustainable on a long-term basis.

It said the Africa CDC recognised Gavi as a pivotal partner for health security and collective resilience to vaccine-preventable diseases across the continent.

According to the statement, Gavi has invested US$11.9 billion from 2000 to 2022 to enhance access to life-saving vaccines in Africa, preventing 11.1 million future deaths in the continent.

Gavi is expected to unveil a groundbreaking US$1 billion commitment over ten years through a new AVMA initiative aimed at bolstering African health security and sovereignty.

“This week, Gavi board approved a 5-years new alliance strategy 2026-2030 which will be focusing on accelerating vaccine coverage, introducing new vaccines, strengthening health systems for equity, and supporting global health security and regional vaccine manufacturing.

“As a public-private partnership, Gavi is funded through replenishment events hosted by donor governments to mobilize support from governments, philanthropies, the private sector, various institutions, civil society organizations, and individuals.

“In a show of commitment and support as the continent is the primary beneficiary of Gavi funds, Africa CDC and the African Union and African member states stand ready to fully support the 2024 replenishment holding in France”.

It said the 2024 replenishment meeting would highlight Gavi’s support for Africa’s agenda of local manufacturing, as endorsed by African Heads of States under the Africa CDC’s Platform for Harmonised Health Manufacturing in Africa (PHAHM).

Dr Jean Kaseya, the Director-General of Africa CDC, underscored the importance of respectful partnership and collaboration.

Kaseya said: “Local manufacturing is the second independence of Africa because it impacts our health security and economic growth.

“Additionally, Africa CDC will spearhead the Lusaka agenda to strengthen national leadership and partner coordination for effective implementation of the One Plan, One Budget, and one M&E Framework.

“In recognition of AVMA’s significance to Africa, the popular launch of AVMA will occur on African soil in the coming weeks.

“It will bring together African leaders, Gavi, donors, partners, African Civil Society Organisations, and communities to reflect on and celebrate the journey toward Africa’s self-reliance in vaccines manufacturing, therapeutics, and diagnostics.

“Together, we stand on the brink of a new era for Africa’s self-reliance in health security, driven by innovation, partnership, and a shared vision for a safer, healthier, and more prosperous Africa”. (NAN)

9th JUNE, 2024.