African Dance Concert against drug abuse: Organiser solicits support


WILFRED-Brown Chinedu, President, Smile Global Entertainment (SGE), has appealed to individuals and corporate organisations to support African Dance Concert, a TV Reality Show with the theme ‘Stand Against Illicit Drug Abuse in Africa’.

Chinedu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday that the proposed TV reality show was aimed at addressing rising cases of drug abuse and incessant rapes in the country.

“We need sponsorship to run the proposed African Reality TV Show this season, especially at this time when rape and drug abuse is on the increase.

“This is the reason we are soliciting for support from the government, individuals and cooperate bodies to collectively tackle these vices that are affecting our female folks,” he said.

The SGE President added that the COVID-19 pandemic and government lockdown was obviously taking a toll on people’s business and sources of income but assured sponsors of value for their investment.

“We have full package of activities that would create a positive and valuable impact in the youths and society at large.

“We are encouraging sponsors to assist us preach against these illicit acts by being a part of the project before it extensively causes more harm than good to our youths.

“It’s not meant to condemn anyone but to change a negative orientation and perspective of contrary reasoning, telling them that they can get better and make a living without drug abuse.

“Rape cases and other social vices are on the increase and I believe that some of the culprits are under the influence of drug which is bad and totally unacceptable.

“So, it’s fundamental that we get positive and prompt response from these couple of proposed sponsors to enable us organise the event and achieve a meaningful results, “he said.

According to him, the concert would further promote originality, African culture, traditional dance, and rebranding indigenous creative dance in a new light and sell Africa positively to the world.

He noted that a family-oriented reality show would create an enabling environment for country representatives to display their cultural outfit, food, and languages.

The entertainment promoter further said that each participating African countries would have five representatives as contestants in Dance Drama and other events that would be featured in the proposed quality Show.

“We are tirelessly working hard to also increase our sponsorship drive as our utmost objective is to run the show this year to draw the interest of our youths,” he added.

Chinedu said some countries in Africa that had indicated interest included Zimbabwe, Serra-Leone, Togo, Mali, Ghana, Cameron, Uganda, Liberia, and the Benin Republic.

He also urged Africans to key into the project by coming out en mass and support the project.


– July 28, 2020 08:20 GMT |

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