Alleged killer vaccine: Schools resume in S-East states, record low turn-out

Fri, Oct 13, 2017 | By publisher




SCHOOLS resumed, yesterday, in South-East states after  Wednesday’s commotion  following the commencement of medical mission by the Nigerian Army in the geo-political zone.

There was, however, low turn-out in Enugu, Imo and Anambra.

This came as Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, yesterday, described the immunization and administration of unknown drugs on Biafra children by medical personnel of the Nigerian Army as a biological warfare targeted against the existence of the people of Biafra.

The exercise, however, remained suspended in Anambra State as directed by the state government until adequate sensitization was carried out.

This is even  as the Anambra State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Joe Akabuike, assured that the dreaded monkey pox disease ravaging some states had not been found anywhere in the state.

Schools remain shut in Anambra, low turn-out in some

Following the pandemonium that erupted,Wednesday, in  parts of  Anambra State, public and private schools in the state, yesterday, remained shut as parents refused to allow their children or wards go to school.

For public schools, it was like a public holiday but for private schools, the schools were open for them but fear of uncertainty could not allow the students or pupils to leave their homes for anywhere else until Monday.

Even with state-wide radio/television broadcast by Governor Willie Obiano that there was no cause for alarm and that the military should suspend any form of immunization or free medical treatment, parents still did not allow their children to go to school for fear of the unknown.

Anambra  govt justifies reaction of parents

Meanwhile, the  Commissioner for Health, who spoke in Awka said the disease could not be contracted through injection or vaccination. Addressing reporters in Awka, Akabuike explained that the ugly incident was as a result of the communication gap between the ministry and the Army, saying the medical mission of the military to the state was misconstrued. He, however, justified the reaction of the residents to the rumour, advising that proper channels should be followed whenever any medical exercise was to be carried out in the state in order to avert any future occurrence.

Schools resume in Abia

Also, yesterday, normalcy returned to schools in Abia State and normal classes resumed in the state. This was made possible by media enlightenment and announcements by the state government, which deployed Ministry of Health officials and media aides to radio stations to enlighten the people and assured them that there was no immunization or vaccination exercise going on. The government also deployed its education officers to go round the schools to ensure that they resumed normal academic exercise and to further assure the students and pupils that all is well.

…Enugu too

Primary and secondary schools in Enugu State, yesterday, resumed classes after overcoming the panic of alleged forced vaccinations in schools.

The state government had, Wednesday, issued a statement urging parents not to panic over the rumour, which it said was unfounded.

Different schools such as Government Technical School, Enugu; Model Primary School, Nsukka, among other public and private schools, were in full swing when Vanguard visited the schools.

There was, however, some resentment from some parents, who said they were waiting for the panic to go down before sending their children back to schools.

The state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Fintan Ekochin, at a press briefing, Wednesday, said: “There is absolutely nothing to worry about and if there should be, be rest assured that we will do everything possible to get everybody in the know.”

Low turn-out in Imo schools

In Imo State, scores of public and private schools, yesterday, experienced low turn-out of students while some did not have students in attendance.

Vanguard observed in Owerri that some parents were of the view that their children may be injected with the alleged monkey pox vaccine if they go to   school.

At the Owerri City School, in Owerri municipal council, it was gathered that some students, who came to school, hurriedly left before the closing hours while few being monitored by their teachers waited until the closing time.

It’s biological warfare  against Biafra people — MASSOB

In a statement in Abakaliki, Leader of MASSOB, Comrade Uchenna Madu, alleged the activities of the military were a profound reflection of deep  hatred for Ndigbo and a systematic ploy to wipe out the people from Nigeria.

The statement read in part: “MASSOB has condemned the forceful immunization and administration of unknown drugs to Biafran children by medical personnel of Nigerian Army, which led to the unconfirmed death of about three children in Ozubulu, Ekwusigo Local Government Area, Anambra State.

“We see this camouflaged medical humanitarian service of Nigerian Army as another dimensional step to cause annihilation of the people of Biafra. This  annihilation exercise can be described as Operation Python Death.”

It would be recalled that the army has issued a statement  dismissing the allegation and describing same  as untrue and wicked.

“The unfortunate incident at Ozubulu that snowballed into “Oso Abiola (Safety Run) has opened the eyes Igbo doubting Thomases that Buhari led Hausa Fulani Islamic agenda against the Christian dominated Biafra land is real.

“MASSOB through our intelligence agency have confirmed that the source of the immunization drugs were brought from Iran without the due process of clearing of imported goods, our intelligence report also proved that NAFDAC was sidelined before administration of the killer poison. The poisonous substances administered in Ozubulu are out rightly different from the medical drugs administered in Nkwegwu, Isukwuato and Mbaise. This is a biological warfare waged against our people by Nigeria state.

“The level of hatred President Buhari and his kinsmen displayed using the instruments of Nigeria state and primitive services of the security agents against the people of Biafra because of the emergence of Biafra can lead them to indescribable acts that will reduced our intimidating population.

“MASSOB wondered why an establishment geared towards total and open extra judicial killings of armless and non violence Biafrans, intimidating Igbo leadership, terrorising our people and villages through their Fulani herdsmen and subjecting our economic fortunes to nothingness will suddenly availed themselves as our medical and humanitarian Messiahs?.

“MASSOB also wish to reaffirmed our unshaken believe and resolute consistency on the actualization and restoration of ancient kingdom of Biafra through non violence. Hausa Fulani frustrating and intimidating approach towards Biafra revolutionary struggle will never deter our self determination movement to freedom.”


– Oct 12, 2017 @ 17:36 GMT