Almajaris used as weapons of biological warfare on the South – Uwazuruike


GODDY Uwazurike, a lawyer and former president of Aka Ikenga, has described the shipping of Almajairis  from Northern Nigeria to the South as biological warfare.

According to Uwazurike, the federal government in its wisdom, banned interstate travels so that  the dreaded COVID19 pandemic does not spread uncontrollably.

“Many governors complied with the directive. But the Almighty Governor of Kano state decided to do the opposite. He ordered the hitherto untouchable almajiri boys and girls back to their state of origin.

“Today all the other governors in the federation are up in arms and the Igbo people are singled out for condemnation for obeying the directive of President Buhari, ” he said in a statement he made available to Realnews on Sunday, May 24.

According to him, “For the avoidance of doubt, the Governor of Kaduna State had in a recent statement condemned the order of the Governor of Kano state. He stated clearly that the Almajiri kids are testing positive in Kaduna. The government of Taraba followed suit. Some states even insisted on sending the Almajiri back to Kano.”

He recalled that former President Goodluck Jonathan had built special schools for the Almajiri but this government abandoned the scheme.

“The All Progressives Congress, APC, even made it a campaign issue in 2015. The almighty almajiri kids were prominent voters in 2015 and 2019 , including the eight year olds.

“The migration to all the Southern and middle belt states is akin to a biological warfare against the mentioned areas. The government of Nigeria knows what to do but it has chosen to play fiddle while the areas are massively exposed.

“Somebody is delicately sending the weapons of biological warfare down south. The almajiri kids have never been to the south but now somebody is paying their fare to the south. The kids can only speak Hausa  They are beggars and no one will employ them. So, it is a way to deal with the south.

“There is another invasion which has just been noticed

Able bodied men aged between 20 and 35 are smuggled by food carrying trucks to the Igboland. They speak little Hausa and a lot of French language.

They are normally hidden underneath bags of tomato and pepper, tubers of yam and also cattle. They do not know the names of their destination and occupation.

“The Igbo people are justified in raising alarm. This is happening under the guise of almajiri movement. It is even alleged that military and police vehicles have even joined the transportation threat. The Igbo people must be alert and nip this invasion promptly as the Federal government will do nothing, ” he said.

Uwazurike said: “The amorphous group led by Yerima has been quoted as threatening Ndigbo for challenging this clandestine transfer of liability. The reason given is freedom of movement and residence.

“I am glad that Yerima has denied making such a threat but for avoidance of doubt, restrictions on the basis of health are legal. The constitution protects the citizens of the country from the menace of those able bodied men who are smuggled daily from outside Nigeria for nefarious purposes.

Speaking on the politics of Ohaneze Ndigbo, he observed that: “Chief John Nnia Nwodo is the duly elected President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo World wide. His tenure ends in January and  persons from Imo state will vie for the presidency. Ohanaeze is too big to be troubled by rabble rousers, who are at best agents for the destalibation of Ndigbo.

“We are blessed with diverse membership of Ndigbo.  We cannot be intimidated by the painted faces of errand boys. Now and then,  agents of disunity spring up but Ndigbo worldwide know their leaders. Leaders are elected and they rotate among 7 states.”

According to him, “The Federal government dillydallied in responding to the Covid 19 threat . It is really a major exposure of the inadequacy of our health care system. In 2014, the GEJ administration successfully battled Ebola.  The experience was jettisoned in getting ready for the Covid battle.

“We have have no medical emergency procedures neither do we have equipped hospitals and allied services. Today, the government of Kano state will rather enjoy denial than face reality.”

He said the parliatives are so porous that even a blind man will see it. How can you fail to realise that 80% of Nigerians earn daily income and expenditure is dependent on what they earned the previous day. More than 90% live in multi tenanted premises.  Yet, the government talks of self isolation.

“The  most important  step in finishing this battle is to face reality. The government of Igbo states and indeed the people are sensitive to the return of people to their villages. This should be encouraged to control the community spread of Covid 19.”

Uwazuruike said that the 2023 elections are thwarting the federal government from focussing on the real take away of President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB.

He added: “Invisible leadership is not a  virtue but a disaster waiting to truncate whatever achievement PMB will like to be remembered for.”

– May 24, 2020 @ 19:05 GMT /

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