Analyst says exaggerating challenge from China threatens U.S. security

Fri, Jun 25, 2021
By editor


EXAGGERATING challenge from China is more likely to undermine U.S. security than enhancing it, William Hartung, Director, Arms and Security Project at the Centre for International Policy, has said.

Hartung stated this in an article entitled “Exaggerating Challenge from China threatened U.S. Security published by the website of Forbes.

“This overwhelming emphasis on Beijing as the ultimate threat to the U.S. is misguided and more likely to undermine security of the country than it enhanced it.

“Focusing on China is a good way to pump up the Pentagon’s already bloated budget. But it will not make us safer,’’ Hartung wrote.

Hartung also noted that the greatest risks to U.S. lives and livelihoods did not emanate from China, but from pandemics and climate change white supremacy, racial and economic injustice.

He said none of these could be addressed through military means. (Xinhua/NAN)

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