Anambra State, PDP must reject politics of desperation, says Oligbo

Ike Oligbo

THE PDP top contender for the upcoming November 6th gubernatorial election in Anambra State, Ike Oligbo, has decried the politics of desperation which has seen the quest for who will be the flag bearer of the various contending political parties turned into ugly warfare of hatred, desperation and uncivilized behavior amongst some aspirants and potential aspirants across party lines.

He emphasized that politics and elective positions must not be a do or die affair, therefore should be played in a spirit of decency and in a civilized manner.

Oligbo told newsmen in a telephone conversation that he decried what “he sees as desperation amongst some aspirants and some political leadership elements in the state”.

Oligbo frowned at the behaviour in which some political elements sees every round of election as a means to enrich themselves and celebrate their egos, rather than an opportunity to tackle the fundamental issues and problems that have bedeviled and held back the state since its inception in 1991.

The frontline PDP gubernatorial aspirant went ahead to caution against early introduction of violence in view of the election, which he described, as a step in the wrong direction. According to him, serious aspirants should rather engage the party delegates, executives, stakeholders, as well as the electorates, telling them what they can do differently if elected.

Oligbo seized the opportunity to also appeal to young Anambrarians and their non indigene counterparts resident in the state to always resist the temptation of undertaking criminal activities for monetary gains, arguing that such nefarious attitude is inimical to not only peaceful coexistence, but also capable of hindering their progress, considering the attendant risks to human life.

The renowned academic professional and business mogul called on aspirants to demonstrate magnanimity and maturity towards fellow aspirants and opponents and that would in return showcase their quality in their quest to represent or govern their constituents.

“Decency and humbleness are virtues that in turn reveal the honesty and character of the aspirant in question seeking the office which is serving the people of Anambra state,” he said

The Peace Ambassador and CEO of FOXTONS Security International assured the citizens and residents of Anambra State of his preparedness to address security and economic challenges from a professional perspective, adding that the state needs a governor, who is abreast of intelligence gathering and equipped with the requisite knowledge to unravel and tackle crime and criminality, rebuild the infrastructure of the state, especially the road network and electricity supply which will likely create the enabling environment for rapid economic revival and growth of the state and effective development.


– Feb. 8, 2021 @ 16:57 GMT

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