Skye Bank Integrates with Mainstream Bank

Timothy Oguntayo


SKYE Bank Plc has concluded its integration process with Mainstreet Bank Limited. The bank had started the integration process after it acquired Mainstreet Bank last year in line with its long-term vision of playing a leadership role in Nigeria’s financial services industry.

The bank in a statement on Tuesday, June 30, said it seamlessly achieved the harmonisation and integration of their processes, procedures, structures, operations, human capital and all the other scheduled tasks of both banks, six months after it took over Mainstreet Bank.

Timothy Oguntayo, group managing director of the bank, promised in a letter he addressed to the customers that the bank was set to unleash the full potentials of the combined strengths of the two institutions for better customer service, customer experience and value creation for all its stakeholders. “We are committed to pushing the frontiers of technology and innovation to enhance stakeholder value at optimised cost, and offer delightful customer experience. We will therefore continue to make the required investments in people, process and technology to meet this commitment,” he said.

According to Oguntayo, Skye Bank’s total branch network stands at 469 while its Automated Teller Machine network has increased to 815 across the country, with an asset base of N1.5trillion. He explained that the implications of these for the customers included better access to the bank’s service channels, cutting-edge technology, and stronger balance sheet to support their businesses.

He explained that in line with the bank’s growth strategy, and preparatory to the acquisition, the bank had made enormous investments in both its human capital and information technology, two critical assets that define organsational success. “We made these strategic investments to ensure continuous excellent service experience for you,” he said.

— Jul 13, 2015 @ 01:00 GMT


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