BPE DG Accepts Membership of Realnews Hall of Fame

Fri, Nov 20, 2015
By publisher

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IT gives me great pleasure and privilege to be present here on the invitation of the Publishers and management of Realnews as one of the inductees into the Realnews Hall of Fame. I feel humbled to be found worthy of the honour to be inducted into this prestigious Hall of Fame, and it indeed is such an amazing recognition.

I therefore would like to thank the publishers of Realnews Magazine for also finding me worthy to be in the presence of eminent Nigerians as a Special Guest.

Without feigning modesty, I do believe that there are other personalities here in this room who are perhaps more than worthy of this honor being given to me. For this, I am all the more grateful.

To be associated with the drive to use ‘new’ media to reach audiences far and wide and also efforts geared towards changing the negative perception of online journalism, is fulfilling. Attaining the communications New World Order through technology is a milestone. Online is surely the line to tow. It is the path to thread. I congratulate Realnews for being one of the trail blazers.

Distinguished Guests, we in the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) relish our relationship with the publishers of Realnews Magazine as partners in nation building. This is drawn from the symbiotic relationship both institutions have cultivated over the years. While my career in the BPE entails a great deal of information gathering in the course of privatisation and driving reforms to channel the Nation’s economy to the desired path, Realnews Magazine gathers information and sets agenda which is also aimed at directing the Nation’s affairs to the desired paths.

This union is as simple as it is profound, all the more making it a delight for me to be here today.

Mr. Chairman, distinguished guests, courage is not cheap and it is not measured by the physical strength of a man. Driving economic reforms is a courageous task where many toes are stepped on and nerves are frayed and new agendas are set. This is not a new experience for “Team Realnews” because publishing unbiased news most certainly unsettles a few people just as it sets new agenda. Danger notwithstanding, you have remained steadfast in the noble intention to build the nation.  We celebrate your third anniversary with hope that the best is yet to come.

My sincere gratitude goes to the Almighty who has blessed us all with hope, life and togetherness. I thank the management and editorial team of Realnews magazine. My deep admiration for the research and analysis team cannot be over stated, if not for them, Realnews would not be noted for unbiased news reporting.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as we celebrate Realnews’s third anniversary today, I say ‘this is your best anniversary yet’ as more milestones will be achieved and together we will celebrate.

Thank you all once again, and God Bless.

Being the acceptance speech by Benjamin Dikki, director general, Bureau of Public Enterprises, BPE, during his induction into the hall of fame of Realnews magazine, held in Lagos, Thursday, November 19, 2015

— Nov 30, 2015 @ 01:00 GMT