Celebrating Rev Fr Pius Chibuike Nwauzor

Wed, Feb 1, 2023
By editor


By Ori Martins

THE community known as Umuebi in Amuzu town, Aboh-Mbaise Local Government Area (LGA) used to be a sleepy enclave, just like most traditional villages in the Igbo nation. 

Blessed with massive arable farmlands, hard working men, dedicated women, and disciplined youths, Umuebi is today one of most developed communities, not just in Mbaise or Imo State but Southeast in general. 

In times of liberation struggles, Umuebi stood to be counted as she never slumbered during Uzunorji crisis era, which gave birth to Amuzu and Lorji respective autonomy. 

At a time, the Catholic Church faithful of Umuebi felt that going all the way to Holy Ghost Parish, Uvuru, was no longer convenient, and proper for them, they braved the challenge, and in spite of the huge financial aid, and economic odds, commenced the processes of having their parish. 

It was a herculean task that was accomplished by both sweat and sweet testimonies. Thus, the St Paul’s Parish Amuzu at Afor Amuzu is a grand manifestation of a people’s will to solve an ecclesiastical challenge. Both Catholics and non-Catholics of the good people of Umuebi contributed to the building of this magnificent parish house, which was then an architecturally designed masterpiece. 

One face that must be mentioned here who many do not know hail from Umuebi is Genevieve Nnaji, once the face of the country’s Nollywood and screen goddess. 

Not only that, Umuebi has produced a log of priests, reverend sisters, and reverend brothers. The area now has scores of lawyers, engineers, teachers, economists, bankers, and other professionals. 

The latest history maker in view is Rev Fr Pius Chibuike Nwauzor, a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Ahiara. He currently serves at the St Gregory Parish, Umuhu, Okwuato, Aboh Mbaise, Imo State. Nwauzor studied Philosophy and Theology before being ordained a priest. 

A man of intellectual capacity, Nwauzor went for further studies and he is today decorated with a Ph.D gown, gained not Honoris Causa! This certainly calls for celebration. It calls for merriment as well as thanksgiving. Despite his pastoral tight schedules, Nwauzor still made out time to add value to his academic and educational life, which will ultimately trickle down on all who overlap him. 

Fr, congratulations, and more blessings ahead.