Codefest launches empowerment programme for 100,000 STEM teachers

India STEM Alliance

The Codefest International says it has launched an empowerment programme on wealth creation for 100,000 Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teachers.

Mr Raj Kapoor, Founder, India STEM Alliance and India Blockchain Alliance, made this known on Monday at the virtual launch.

Kapoor said that currently, no fewer than seven thousands teachers that joined the programme in India had benefitted.

He said that the Science Teachers Empowerment Programme (STEP) was first launched in India in 2009 as a 10-year goal and currently have no fewer than seven thousands.

The founder said that one does not need to pay before joining the programme, adding all needed was willingness to drive change and reform education agenda.

According to him, STEM is the global language for educators and future careers.

“India STEM Alliance have reputable STEM affiliates around the world.

“Together we are pleased to launch this programme with Codefest in Nigeria, where millions of teachers and youths can be empowered with STEM to change the country, Nigeria can become great with STEM.

“Nigeria can move from a consumer nation to a producer through STEM, which will give birth to home solutions and local innovations, this is currently happening in India,” he said.

Kapoor urged teachers to connect to the project for good, because of the guaranteed support.

‘’I am calling on all teachers, educators, professionals and volunteers, let us rewrite the Nigerian educational system through STEM, join the 100,000 STEP.

Also, at the launch, Mr Moss Uromtah, Founder, Codefest International, said that additional benefit of teachers involved in STEP include, one year health insurance cover.

Uromtah said that a STEP teacher would earn commission and bonus for every school that the teacher connects to STEM membership.

He said that if a teacher leads a team, community or organisation to embrace STEM, he or she would get special reward.

According to him, teachers are foremost people driven by Indians to disrupt the developmental system by teaching the 21st Century skills.

He said that politicians or philanthropists would not change the status quo of Nigeria either, but educators will.

Uromtah said, “STEM is the way forward for the Nigerian education, and we need to key into the vast knowledge it holds.” (NAN)

– Oct. 26 2020 @ 16:55 GMT |

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