Continuing the discussion on the Abia Power matter

Tue, Feb 27, 2024
By editor


By Val Obienyem 

AS an aide, I acknowledge that even with close proximity to the boss, there are aspects where privileged information may not be accessible.

This realization dawned on me during a phone conversation with my boss this morning. He expressed disappointment regarding my post on Abia power  not accurate. I  am aware of the efforts of Gov. Theodore Orji and not that  of Dr. Ikpeazu. Mr. Obi challenged my assertion, elucidating the contributions of successive Abia Governors, including Dr. Ikpeazu, towards the project.

Therefore, I extend gratitude to all involved for their efforts as we once again commend Geometric and the people of Abia for this achievement. May the Nigerian Government adopt a similar approach to addressing the country’s power challenges, guided by Prof. Nnaji.

27th February, 2024.