Dancing unchained meoldy with fractured legs


By Ment Nomeh

ON this platform and very many times, I had raised alarm of our dangerous romance with the maidens in the wild dancing melody of death.  Still, we don’t listen.

Haemorrhage! Path to bid farewell. And as the discordant tune plays on, we dance away into the grave.

Grave is for the dead. We are not dead yet. And we are not ready. Can’t the elders hold the leader-youths by the groin? They don’t listen. They ignore the alarm.

Music of death is certainly unenchanting yet we mount no hurdle to deter the campaigners and their wares. True, people without ears, dancing on fractured legs! Let true Nigerians deny the impostors the war ambition.

In the last couple of weeks, Nigerian youths, between 25 and 35 perhaps, have turned their energy against everything and anything.

Governments are postponing action. The police would assure the frustrated and all, “we’re on top of the matter…” And the military may decide to show a false sense of might on the defenceless and mow down everything in sight.

Time to claim responsibility. The galurous politicians and incompetent image managers tell unrealistic stories, sometimes weaving them with ethnic and religious loose thread that promotes discontent.

Pity Nigerians. The 1967-1970 war hadn’t taught us any lesson. If it did, I would say, ‘war is a canned food meant for farmished refugee children…’  It’s junk…not food… it’s  unnecessary. War is everything bad.

We are unable to manage our security. In the northern states, bandits, kidnappers  are complimentary choice supplement for Boko Haram. Terrorists! War without end because it’s a good deal for the big boys, NOW men.

In the Southern  states, Fulani cattle rearers are on the prowl killing village farmers and their families. Like ‘repentant’ Boko haram terrorists sheltered as national guards, the Fulani Cattle -herders terrorist are real gunners, the gunmen now monstrously killings and razing police headquarters in the South East. No response except puerile statements that show nothing but beggarly.

The federal and its component parts don’t show that war is building. They are content with accusing their co-travelers of instigating home turmoil, a sort of political mutiny.

As I had said, there are signs of war in the land, ready to blow. We may be fighting ourselves hoping we are right.

Let the mercenaries imported for the 2015 election war go home. The warmongers  may likely  hold that all is over so they can leave us alone. Pay them off let there be peace else, the war.

War is the joy of arms manufacturers outside Africa. They employ, put food on the table for their population, provide good things of life and discourage discontent. Yes  they encourage mass murder of  Nigerians. God talk to our leaders who don’t read or listen to valid admonition.

– April 12, 2021 @ 08:40 GMT |

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