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For any first time visitor to Nigeria who is paying attention to the daily political developments albeit the presidential campaigns in the country, he or she is likely to think that there are only two political parties in the country.  For the records, there are more than eight political parties fielding candidates in the February 14, presidential election.

But one hardly hears of them or their campaigns. The media both electronic and print and the social media are saturated with their campaign messages that have turned so dirty, so ugly and so violent. The rumpus in the political scene is largely between the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and the All Progressive Congress, APC. As Chekwas Okorie, former chairman of All Progressives Grand Alliance and now presidential candidates of one of the lesser known political parties in the country put it at the signing of the peace accord by the political parties in Abuja recently, in both the PDP and APC one can see a “balance of terror”.

What this implies is that the two parties’ presidential candidates are, for the first time, involved in a fierce contest for the soul of Nigeria. In this week’s cover story entitled: Odds Against Jonathan, Buhari,  Olu Ojewale, our general editor, took a hard look at the campaign of calumny and violence the PDP and the APC supporters are waging, bringing out the strength and weaknesses of each of the candidates. It is a must read. Don’t miss it.

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