Empowering Nigerian Students, Graduates for Employment, Career Choice

Wed, Aug 16, 2017 | By publisher


AT a time of spiralling and troubling global youth unemployment, a public-spirited young Nigerian has come up with a brilliant initiative to assist Nigerian students and graduates in the task of making the right career choices that will keep them out of the unemployment market.

Emmanuella Onyinye Ejime, a Nigerian and British trained Lawyer with expertise in Global Business has put together a career and employment skills seminar to provide graduates and those pursuing further studies or seeking dream jobs with the requisite career and employment skills free of charge.

According to her, many universities in developing countries including Nigeria, lack the means or capacity to successfully incorporate the teaching of transferable skills into their curricula. The result is that graduates are ill-equipped for the world of work or the dynamic global market which requires more than the academic qualification.

To address this deficiency, Ejime says the seminar scheduled to take place in Lagos, on Saturday, August 19, at the Mass Communications Department of the University of Lagos, Akoka, “is an effective and efficient employability and career programme that will equip graduates with the requisite skills for Interview, CV writing, Team work, Interpersonal, Communication and Leadership skills, which are not your everyday module at a University.”

On her motivation for this initiative, she said: “It is part of my vision to give back to society as little as I can in terms of knowledge-sharing and rendering service to humanity.”

“The seminar is about empowering both the young and old in Nigeria on how to address the challenges of securing a good job and lucrative career,” she added.

Invitation to the seminar is accessible at https://getahead.eventsmart. com/events/get-ahead-seminar/

The seminar will also be a platform for experience-sharing and peer-learning, with free food, drinks and souvenirs to take home from the event.

Aug 16, 2017 @ 9:35 GMT