*#ENDSARS MAYHEM: Throw out ethnic propaganda – SESSPN.


THE foremost professional advocacy group in the country and leading pathfinder for a new Southern Nigeria solidarity, the Southeast South-South Professionals of Nigeria, SESSPN, has called on all Nigerians of goodwill to totally reject the propaganda that the criminal mayhem by career hoodlums trailing the #ENDSARS protests was suddenly ethnically motivated.

“We state with emphasis and facts within our reach, that this highly combustible narrative is promoted by desperate fifth columnists eager to further diminish the huge successes of the ENDSARS national rebirth crusade. Indeed, this predictable straw is the usual manipulative agenda of divide and rule by those who wish to turn our historic momentum for liberty to gnashing of teeth between our citizens. We must not let this happen, because the Yorubas and Igbos, Ijaws, and Binis as every other nationalities of southern Nigeria, have always lived and worked together in our essential diversities with tolerance and accommodation.

“We believe and reaffirm that a cemented southern cohesion is the oxygen of redemption for a true Nigeria, and that is why we at SESSPN are inactive vanguard with dominant social-cultural organisations like Ohaneze Ndigbo, Afenifere, PANDEF, United Middle Belt Forum is a collective resolve to make this happen.

“We condemn the arson and destruction of state assets, looting of individual properties and plead that this should stop, as we commiserate with families and the government of Lagos for the regrettable loss of lives,” the group said.

It noted Nigeria will continue to be stunted and stuck if we allow this easy bond between a growing community of angry hoodlums and their deadly criminal enablers, to ruin our best coordinated and internationally acclaimed break out against state oppression since independence.

“We have chosen to be better and keeping it a steady work in progress should be a sacred duty of all,” the statement signed by Hannibal Uwaifo, president, and Collin Steve Ugwu, publicity secretary of SESSPN, they said

– Oct. 24, 2020 @ 11:48 GMT |

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