Proprietors laud Kachikwu’s Proposed Legislation on Cooking Gas


The Cooking Gas Skid Proprietors Association of Nigeria canvases for liquefied petroleum gas skid plants in filling stations across the country



THE Cooking Gas Skid Proprietors Association of Nigeria, CGSPAN, has lauded the plans of Ibe Kachikwu, minister of state for petroleum resources, to put legislation in place to compel petroleum product marketers to set up gas filling plants in all the petrol stations across the country. Adebisi Bada, chairman, CGSPAN, said having LPG skid plants in filling station is safe and appropriate.

On Wednesday, in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Bada said: “Skid operations in filling stations to the best of my knowledge are very safe contrary to some naive opinion from some quarters. In as much as appropriate safety measures, which the Association is championing, are put in place by the operators, the attendant risks involved would have been curtailed,” he said.

Bada emphasised that skid operations was capable of providing thousands of jobs for the youths while boosting the availability of LPG to end-users across the country. He  added that having LPG skid plant either as a stand alone or add-on will help boost the country’s Gross Domestic Product, GDP, and bridge the gap between cooking gas users and distributors.

The CGSPAN chairman, however, called on the minister and the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR, to speed up the legislation process so that Nigerians can begin to reap from its abundant gas resources.

The legislation is being put together by the DPR as part of efforts to deepen LPG usage across the country.

– Apr. 26, 2019 @ 18:05 GMT |

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