Averda, Spinneys, Nestle Waters Collaborate On Waste Reduction Initiatives

Back view of recycle van


IN July 2011, Atria – an Averda Group company – joined forces with the supermarket chain Spinneys and Nestle Waters to launch a project entitled “Protect Lebanon – Recycle Today” aimed at recycling plastic bottles and cans in Lebanon. After more than five years into the partnership, almost 1,000,000 aluminium cans and in excess of 5.5 million plastic bottles were recycled. With a number of users reaching no more than 13,000 when the project started in 2011, now this unique initiative has attracted over 145,000 individual users:




Total (CAN + PET)



22,365 116,940 139,305 13,124


98,040 538,670 636,710 42,407


126,771 805,540 932,311 53,361


270,553 1,666,257 1,936,810 118,214


464,828 2,439,948 2,904,776 145,735


982,557 5,567,355 6,549,912 372,841

An initiative set up by Mohammad Ali Hodeib,  averda’s chief operating officer, the partnership entailed Atria providing the Reverse Vending Machines which could be used by any consumers to dispose of beverage plastic bottles and aluminium cans for recycling, with Spinneys offering a special incentive supported by Nestle Pure Life to consumers for sorting and bringing their empty plastic bottles and/or aluminium cans to atria’s machines.

In 2011, “Protect Lebanon – Recycle Today” was piloted in Dbayeh and Ashrafieh Spinneys stores. Today, atria’s Reverse Vending Machines can also be found in Jnah, Tilal Ashrafieh and Hazmieh, representing a modern-style solution to making recycling easier and more accessible to consumers. Designed to reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfill or disposed of inappropriately, each machine can hold an average of 600 bottles and cans, easily recognizing non-recyclable materials due to its state-of-the-art intelligent sensors.

Aiming to raise awareness across its customer base that bringing empty bottles and cans for recycling can become part of the shopping experience in Spinneys stores, the supermarket chain has also produced a video with very clear explanations related to the in-store recycling process.

As per  Layal Darwish, atria’s managing director, “atria has installed more than 35 Reverse Vending Machines in schools and universities across Beirut, aiming to expand our network of recycling points across other supermarkets, too. While atria management have observed an increased awareness trend related to recycling, its importance and positive impact upon the environment, there is still a lot to do by private and public actors to ensure that recycling becomes a way of life, one in which we all have a very important role to play”‎

Side view the van
Side view the van

Averda is the largest environmental solutions provider in the  Middle East and Africa region, specializing in integrated resources management. averda is at the forefront of innovation in the regional market, providing sustainable solutions and more than 35 years of experience in the effective management of waste for both private and public sector clients across pedestrian, residential, commercial and industrial areas.

averda’s extensive portfolio of services range from street cleaning to waste collection, treatment, disposal and recycling. The company’s capabilities also include the development of solutions for water, wastewater and solid waste for public, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, all within a sustainable framework that respects the natural environment. averda also designs and implements full-scale solutions to recover valuable and recyclable resources like paper, metals, and water.

Serving in excess of 9 million people every day, Averda currently operates in full compliance with international standards for quality control throughout Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Kingdom of Bahrain, Republic of Ireland, Morocco, Angola, Jordan, Gabon and South Africa.

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