EU's GRESP sparks educational transformation, empowers Nigerian Youth

Thu, Feb 1, 2024
By editor


By Ken Gbados.

IN a momentous celebration of the 2024 International Day of Education, the European Union Youth Sounding Board in Nigeria, in partnership with Plan International, orchestrated a dynamic one-day event at Chibok Hall within Plan International, Abuja.

This landmark occasion brought together a diverse assembly of stakeholders, encompassing representatives from the European Union in Nigeria, Plan International, and various youth organizations. The event unfolded as a vibrant platform for engaging dialogue and actionable insights, specifically centered around “Gender Responsive Education Sector Planning, GRESP, for Peacebuilding.”

The proceedings commenced with a profound analysis of “The State Level Policy Dialogue on GRESP,” a project funded by the European Union under the banner of “Strengthening Civil Society to Enhance Education for All in Northern Nigeria.” Atiku Abubakar and Jiddere Musa Kaibo, both esteemed GRESP Facilitators and Master Trainers, delivered a comprehensive overview of the project’s impactful outcomes as panelists.

Beyond its role as an educational forum, the event shone a spotlight on Gender-Responsive Education Sector Planning and its pivotal contribution to peace-building efforts. The agenda placed a strong emphasis on advocacy, with impassioned appeals for prioritizing ongoing learning initiatives, particularly within marginalized communities, as a fundamental strategy for nurturing peace and stability.

Laban Onisimus, Head of Social Development Programmes at Plan International, set the tone for the day with a compelling introductory speech, highlighting the collaborative synergy between the EU Youth Sounding Board and Plan International as an exemplary model of effective partnership. The shared commitment to empowering youth and advancing gender equality in the education sector was notably underscored.

Central to this success narrative is the EU-funded GRESP initiative, transcending conventional notions of education access. GRESP stands as a guiding force in realizing the vision of SDG 4 – fostering inclusive and equitable quality education for all. The initiative strategically places gender equality at the forefront through the implementation of gender-sensitive plans and policies, recognizing that authentic progress necessitates addressing disparities and championing inclusivity.

The report also accentuated the tangible strides in GRESP’s practical implementation, emphasizing ongoing training for Civil Society Organizations, CSOs, and youth in gender-responsive and inclusive education sector planning. Thirty CSOs, evenly distributed between Adamawa and Sokoto States, along with 20 youths, are slated to participate in a comprehensive five-day training programme led by the technical team of Plan Nigeria. This initiative builds upon existing gender-centric work, propelling GRESP’s mission to grassroots levels.

In essence, the EU-funded GRESP initiative acts as a catalyst for positive change, reshaping the trajectory of education in Nigeria. Through collaborative efforts with the EU Youth Sounding Board and Plan International Nigeria, this initiative not only empowers youth but also fosters inclusivity, laying a solid foundation for a more equitable and peaceful society. The event exemplified the transformative potential of collective action and strategic partnerships, charting a course toward Nigeria’s brighter and more inclusive educational landscape.


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