FCT indigenous Youth Liberation Movement rejects counter #ENDSARS protest press briefing by Yunusa Ahmadu Yusuf


THE FCT indigenous Youth Liberation Movement says its attention has been drawn to an outrageous action by one Yusuf Ahmadu Yunusa and his ilks, who claim to have acted on behalf of the indigenous people of Abuja.

According to media reports, Yusuf and his ill-informed group claim that the Indigenous People of Abuja are against the protests going on across the country.

“We wish to categorically that we dissociate ourselves from Yusuf and the actions of his group. We find his claims offensive and insulting to the countless FCT indigenous people, who have been harassed and extorted by the now defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad

“FCT indigenous people are known to be hospitable and for upholding the dignity and sanctity of human life. We have, over the years, condemned the extrajudicial killings of Nigerian youths by policemen. While we condemn any attempt to hijack the #EndSARS campaign by unscrupulous elements, we stand solemnly with our fellow Nigerian youths, who have taken to the street to demand an end to the killer squad as well as a total reform of the police force and another aspect of our national life that pose against the full realization of their potentials.

“We would never oppose a demand for a better and an egalitarian society, and we definitely did not appoint Yusuf Ahmadu Yunusa to speak for us, at best he was expressing his ill inspired personal opinion. We have been victims of various injustices for too long to support any form of oppression meted upon our fellow citizens.

“We as FCT Indigenous Youths Liberation Movement have no hand in the said protest and press briefing admonishing the #EndSars Protesters to steer clear off the roads in the FCT.

“We further emphasize that the threat issued to IGP and the ENDSars protester to vacate the streets of FCT be discountenanced fortwit and we hereby encourage the Nigerian Police Force to protect the lives and properties of the citizens.

“As youths, we strongly believe in the expression of rights of Nigerians as enshrined in the constitution of our country and cannot stop or attempt to prevent any resident of the FCT from exercising such right.

The group noted that the ongoing nationwide protest by the youths is a non violent one and condemn the action of the Yunusa Ahmadu Yusuf led group in the strongest terms and want to use this opportunity to urge every other Abuja Original inhabitants youth to through their own various platforms debunk the action of the group.

“He is a sell-out. We believe that he and his group were bought over by some cheap politicians to cause confusion. FCT natives have been marginalized in all aspects of governance in this country and we stand together with other Nigerian youths to protest against bad governance. Our quest is for an economic emancipation movement whose loyalty is to the most exploited and the most marginalized in this country.

According to the group, there is a desperate need for the youths to be involved in governance at all levels and the youths must therefore demand what is due to them.

“Fellow Nigerian youths, we shall continue to make persistent demands on Government and its institutions pertaining our plights via dialogue, negotiation and peaceful protests such as this to ensure that we enjoy all rights good governance and that we are not removed from our Ancestral homes. Our struggle is a type that carries the struggle for land in its blood, fearlessness and dedication to the cause for economic freedom. On our shoulders lies the dreams, hopes and aspirations of our people for a better and meaningful life.

“We have seen great challenges and recorded some successes, but we declare without fear or favour that OUR movement will make it through decades of championing the struggles of our people and defending the dignity of FCT natives and other Nigerians.

“We refuse to remain silent while some greedy and cheap politicians use some lazy and hungry youths to disrupt the inevitable process of nation building and national transformation. This is also a warning to sell-out activists, who may want to take advantage of our parents in the villages.

FCT natives have suffered enough from government negligence and from hyenas who take advantage of our sensibilities to line their pockets with coins. We are awoken to the important task of placing demands on government, its institutions and reclaiming our dignity as law-abiding Nigerians.

– Oct. 21, 2020 @ 9:55 GMT |

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