The Magic of African Black Soap

The black soap

African black soap has succeeded to remove embarrassing facial spot where other products manufactured by cosmetics companies in various parts of the globe have failed

|  By Chinwe Okafor  |  Jul. 21, 2014 @ 01:00 GMT

UCHE Madu, a graduate of Anambra State University, was always embarrassed by the black spots on her face. The black spots were caused by pimples and acnes which she suffered sometime. To get rid of the embarrassing spots, she resorted to trying very many facial cleansers and beautifying creams but to no avail. Madu said most people identified her mostly by the black facial spots rather than by her name in the university she attended.

Madu captured her frustration thus: “At one point or another, I tried using just about every product known to man to help get my face on the right track.  I spent lots of money on face washes, cleansers, exfoliates, astringents, toners, spot treatments, wipes, and moisturizers in the  hope of clearing my skin but got no positive result. Nothing worked well enough because the results seemed promising after the first few weeks, but then slowly but surely the products lost their effectiveness. I was constantly seeking the next best thing. Until one day I was introduced to African Black Soap. The soap did the magic that I wanted.

Ijeoma Ugochukwu, an undergraduate, also had her own experience too. She said that all her efforts to clear the spots on her face didn’t work out until a trained cosmetologist and a close friend, introduced her to the soap. She said: “African black soap is a healthy organic cleanser for my face. It’s a soap which has no additives, preservatives or fragrances to tamper with its natural endowments.”

Madu and Ugochukwu are not the only ones in this attestation. Sandra Ekwunife, a cosmetologist at Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos, said that since the beginning of time, humans have been trying to find ways to cleanse and beautify themselves but, unfortunately, many of the known global cosmetics companies which are obsessed with trying to find new ways to produce the next big thing in skin and facial cares  are not aware that the solution lies in African black soap.

According to her, the soap helps to restore the skin’s natural PH balance and, in addition, contains virgin palm kernel oil, pure shea butter and plantain leaves which are rich in vitamins A and E. She explained that the best thing about African black soap is that it does not contain harmful chemicals. “African black soap is an old traditional product and these natural ingredients   help to clean and smoothen the skin. The plantain leaves are good for removing eczema or acne and the shea butter has the ability to restore the skin’s natural elasticity.

“Its nutrient provides immediate check against eczema, dermatitis and dryness of the skin or face. It also promotes the healing of small wounds and sunburns,” Ekwunife said. She advised that people should ensure they buy the raw unprocessed soap because the processed ones sold to the general public have been refined in some way and this often waters down their efficacy.

Ifenna Adindu, one of the producers of African black soap, said he learnt the trade from his mother. He added: “there are some techniques which, when applied, will not tamper with the natural benefits of the product” but declined to reveal them because they are the secrets of the trade. He said when bathing with it,  one should allow its foam to remain on the body for some minutes before rinsing it off because it helps to fade dark spots, acts as anti-fungal and antiseptic, smoothens the skin and eliminates blemishes and acne.

Unlike other black soaps, African black soap has a very long shelf life and does not expire because as Adindu said, the product becomes more effective with age.

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