David Cameron’s Sweetest Victory

David Cameron gives a triumphant wave on the steps of Number 10 with his wife Samantha Cameron at his side as the results continue to fall in the Tories' favour


David Cameron, British prime minister has been re-elected

DAVID Cameron is to go to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen after returning to Downing Street as Prime Minister in the wake of a shock election win he described as the ‘sweetest victory of all’.

This morning The Tories were on course to win 331 seats – giving them a surprise five-seat majority. Labour is expected to finish with just 232 MPs, down 24, with the Lib Dems on eight, the SNP 56, Plaid Cymru three, Ukip one and the Greens one.

After the scale of the Tory victory became clear, Cameron declared his intention to ‘govern on the basis of governing for everyone in our United Kingdom’ – a recognition of extraordinary gains by the SNP, which almost swept the board in Scotland.

In the early hours of the morning a deflated Ed Miliband threw in the towel following a series of crushing losses – including the shadow chancellor Ed Balls – and said he was ‘deeply sorry’ for Labour’s ‘difficult and disappointing’ election night.

He is widely expected to follow Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg and resign as party leader within hours this afternoon.

After weeks of opinion polls suggesting the result was too close to call, ‘shy Tories’ came out in force at the last moment to keep Cameron in Downing Street.

Cameron this morning told cheering Conservative activists at the party’s London HQ that the result was ‘a great victory’, adding: ‘I remember 1992 and that was an amazing victory. I remember 2010 achieving that dream of getting Labour out and getting the Tories back in.’ But he added: ‘But I think this is the sweetest victory of all.’

The SNP tide has swept aside Labour and Lib Dem big beasts including Jim Murphy and Douglas Alexander in a tide of nationalism which has already sparked calls for a second independence referendum.

Culled from Daily Mail

— May 18, 2015 @ 01:00 GMT


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