Russia urges political forces in Bolivia to find constitutional solution to crisis


THE Russian Foreign Ministry has called on all political forces in Bolivia to act responsibly and to find a constitutional solution to the crisis in the country.

The Russian Foreign Ministry made the call in a statement

“We call on all the political forces in Bolivia to exercise common sense and responsibility.

“We call on the political forces to find a constitutional way out of the situation in the interests of peace, order, resumption of governance over state institutions.

“We call on them to ensure rights of all the citizens and the socioeconomic development of the country, with which we enjoy friendship and constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation.

“We expect that all the members of the global community, Bolivia’s neighbors in the Latin American region, influential countries outside the region and international organisations will show a responsible approach,” it said.

The ministry said that while the Bolivian government was ready to engage in dialogue with the opposition, the opposition’s steps resembled an “orchestrated coup.”

Decrying what he called a “coup,” Evo Morales resigned as president of Bolivia amid an increasingly violent uprising that reached a tipping point on Sunday when the military pulled its support.

Morales’s stunning fall after nearly 14 years in office came hours after the Organisation of American States said it had found “clear manipulation” of the vote last month in which the elder statesman of the Latin American left claimed victory.

The dizzying pace of developments on Sunday made an ignominious ending for the region’s longest-serving leader.

Bolivia’s first indigenous president won credit for fighting poverty and transforming cities with state investment even as criticism of his authoritarian tendencies rose.

Ultimately, the 60-year-old socialist who once commanded landslide victories at the polls found himself isolated.

The heads of the armed forces and national police both called on Morales to step down on Sunday, and the country’s main labor union asked him to resign if that was what it would take to save a nation rapidly plunging into mob rule.

Morales and his senior officials denounced the pressure as an effective coup orchestrated by his right-wing challenger, former president Carlos Mesa, and other opposition leaders.

Late on Sunday, Morales tweeted that a police official had publicly called for his detention.

“The coup mongers are destroying the rule of law,” Morales wrote (Sputnik/NAN)

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