German man jailed in Singapore for being in possession of child pornography


A German banker jailed in 2019 in Singapore for promoting child-sex tourism has been sentenced to an additional 12 weeks for being in possession of child pornography.

According to local media reports, former Deutsche Bank employee, Michael Frank Hartung, 49, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to two counts of possessing obscene films.

Police seized 225 DVDs as well as laptops and mobile phones during an August 2016 raid on Hartung’s residence, with Hartung’s lawyer saying his client voluntarily surrendered the materials.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Andre Ong said in court that some of the seized materials were of a “deeply depraved nature.”

Hartung is serving a five-and-a-half-year prison sentence in Singapore for promoting the sexual abuse of children in the Philippines, after being caught in a sting operation by undercover police.

Hartung is appealing that conviction, with a hearing due to take place in September.


– Jul. 15, 2020 @ 15:39 GMT


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