Group writes open letter to senators representing Anambra State

Sat, Jul 17, 2021
By editor


THE Association of Anambra State Development Unions, AASDU, Lagos has said that the good people of Anambra State have been watching the developments at the National Assembly in recent times with keen interest.

In a statement, it noted that “the two bills on the front burner now are the Petroleum Industry Bill and the Electoral Act Amendment Bill. In particular we are appalled at the outcome of deliberations on the Electoral Act Amendment Bill as passed by the Hallowed Chambers on Thursday, July 15, 2021”.

The group said that the outcome would pass for anything other than honourable by our distinguished senators, especially the three of you representing Anambra State.

“It is with consternation and great disappointment that we view your abstinence from voting when it mattered most. Was it a coincidence that the three of you had to go to the restroom at that same time which was considered to be a defining moment to a crucial decision? Was it an effort to please some masters other than the concerned people who elected you?

“Was it part of that conspiracy theory that some of you are under the radar of EFCC and could be sought after if you go against the desires of the powers that be? Was it lack of firmness of purpose or lack of balls? Or was it that you had proceeded with your vacation ahead of other distinguished members?

“Many more questions begging for urgent answers from you!

Let it be on record that you have disappointed the great highly informed and expectant people of Anambra state who ordinarily should be seen as pacesetters and courageous warriors in the politics of modern Nigeria. We demand nothing short of immediate explanations to assuage the feelings of our people to avert the backlash and other likely unpalatable actions that may follow that your unpatriotic act.

“We the Association of Anambra State Development Unions (AASDU) Lagos, join the millions of Anambrarians worldwide to condemn your cowardly action at that material time of important decision making. No doubt you failed to live up to our expectations by running away from that important legislative responsibility.

“Certainly history will not be kind to you as you failed to give support to our collective desire to improve the integrity of our electoral process and achieve a more credible election results in future. Our Youths and future leaders are even more disappointed as you were caught shirking in your responsibilities when the expectations were at its highest.

“Remember that you’ve all done well in the past and it is our humble expectation that you will do much better than the average senator because of your respective pedigrees. Therefore, please do not miss in action nor  be a castaway at this challenging time when the men should be separated from the boys,” the statement signed by Amechi Ebeledike, President of the association, said.

– July 17, 2021 @ 14:18 GMT