Gun-wielding House on the Rock pastor returns with N2.95m splash

Aigbe, resident pastor of House on the Rock Church in Abuja

UCHE Aigbe, resident pastor of House on the Rock Church in Abuja has returned to the pulpit to bless the needy.

The cleric took a break after coming under criticism for bringing to church an unloaded AK-47 rifle for emphasis on his sermon titled “Guarding your faith.” Aigbe apologised for his action, stating that he would be more careful in the future.

Appearing before a packed auditorium earlier in the week, Pastor Uche, as he is fondly called, was this time around armed with the naira equivalent of a thousand dollars.

The Edo-born pastor said, “In December last year, somebody gave me a thousand dollars. I have had that money, but I have not used it. So, I asked myself, why not change the money and use it to help somebody? So, if you are in church and you are going through stuff and are really challenged, please come out. I am doing this by faith because I know what happens whenever we do this. Come out if you are such a person. I need only 50 people. Once we get 50, we will stop.”

A total of 57 persons came out from the congregation.

At this point, six anonymous church members added sundry amounts to the pool, culminating in a thunderous applause from worshippers seated across the auditorium. While one gave the sum of a million naira, two others gave the sum of N250, 000 each. Also, two congregants gave the sum of N100, 000 each while another gave N200, 000, bringing the total to N2.95 million.

The cleric then separated the very needy — those unsure of the next meal — from those who could at least survive for one more week.

He gave the very needy, numbering 10, cash gifts in envelopes, leaving 47 others to await money that will be sent to their bank accounts. (culled from