How best to prevent pregnancy

By Austin Ejenike:

A good understanding of the period cycle of a woman is quite important for any individual to prevent pregnancy occurring. This knowledge is not restricted to the females alone as unprotected sex (without the use of condoms or birth control pills) will usually result in unwanted pregnancy.

For the sexually active persons, caution should always be applied to prevent pregnancy if contraceptives or hormonal drugs are not to be used since a clear understanding of this natural methods can work effectively.

A chief scientist, who does not want her name to be mentioned, said in an interview with Realnews that most women don’t understand their period or know what ovulation really means and that its very import for men to also have a good knowledge of how and what the menstrual cycle is in order to be in control of the decision of pregnancy of his partner.

She added that ovulations are when the ovary of the female releases eggs for fertilization and if a male sperm is available during this time pregnancy may occur.

“Usually, there are limited number of days during a woman’s cycle that may result in pregnancy,” she said.

She explained that there are different phases of the cycle; Phase 1: being the period (the start of the cycle), the odds of getting pregnant during this time are reasonably low, while in Phase 2, “the Pre-ovulation, the odds during this time is really high, technically eggs are not released during this stage, only if you do have early ovulation then pregnancy can occur. In Phase 3: the Actual Ovulation, the certainty of pregnancy with the presence of sperm is about 98%, while in Phase 4: post ovulation, no eggs are available during this stage, one could have sex as many times without getting pregnant.

However, this method is very efficient only when it is followed meticulously, keep in mind that no method of birth control is hundred percent (100%) efficient and that condoms if not used in favorable conditions prevents nothing and the same applies to birth control pills.

Ms. Blesyn Ekokwu, a Scientist at Federal Medical Center (FMC), Asaba, who also spoke to Realnews, noted that if a lady is sexually active, she should know and understand her cycle well enough.

According to her, she should observe and monitor how, when and the intervals at which her periods come in order to be able to predict the exact days of her ovulation.

“The most probable way to naturally prevent pregnancy is not having intercourse when you are ovulating,” she said.

Ekokwu explained that keeping track of the cycle, knowing when the first day of the cycle and when to anticipate the ovulation period, which is usually about 14 days before the cycle.

She cautioned that people should keep in mind that it is not the same number of days for every lady and every lady should observe and know hers.

Dr. Daniel Nnadozie also said that the knowledge of a lady’s cycle, who is sexually active, should be made known or shared to the partner, so as to know and make a decision or know the outcome or implication of having sex during the period a lady can get pregnant, adding that this information is very useful to married men and women for the purpose of family planning.

-Nov 29, 2019 @18:51 GMT