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Tue, May 14, 2024
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By Anthony Isibor

AMAL Technology Ltd, an indigenous company founded by Shehu Tijjani and supported by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board, NCDMB, seems to be gaining global acceptance through its gas detector technology used both at homes and in industrial establishments.

The Chief Executive Officer of Amal, Shehu Tijjani, told Realnews in an interview that the technology, which is locally fabricated and produced with 100 per cent local materials is already being used in eight countries across the globe, including the US, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Chad, Senegal, Tunisia, where the devices have been installed.

Founded in 2018 with the desire to solve the issues around gas leakages, Amal Tech began production in 2022 and exceeded expectations by developing a three-in-one smart device that cannot only detect gas leaks, but can also detect smoke, send SMS to the user and can also be used as WiFi repeater.

Tijjani disclosed that the gas detection device, which is the first of its kind in the world, also works with another product called smart valve.

Explaining how it works, he said: “If you want to use this in your kitchen, you will install it near your gas burner and then you install the smart valve on top of the gas cylinder so that if there is a gas leakage, the device will pick the early signs, while sending an SMS that there is a gas leakage. And since it has already communicated with your smart valve, it will go ahead and shut off the valve of the gas cylinder.

“All you need to do is buy this device, connect it to your WiFi repeater, it will give you another 50-metre range of connectivity. So till now as I am talking to you it is the first of its kind in the world. Do your research and you will confirm it,” he said.

This device also works with another product called smart valve. So if you want to use this in your kitchen, you will install it near your gas burner and then you install the smart valve on top the gas cylinder so that if there is a gas leakage, this guy here picks the early signs of that, while sending you an SMS that madam you have a gas leakage. It has already communicated with your smart valve which is going to shut off the valve of your gas cylinder.

“Also part of this is the industrial gas detector,” Tijani said.

According to him, Amal Technology is positioned to reduce unemployment by creating Jobs in-country, reduce capital flight as well as reduce inflation.

Tijjani told Realnews that the product has saved millions of dollars that the government and other organisations would have spent on the importation of such safety products.

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 “For instance, the AKK project, the Ajaokuta to Kano project; it is a gas line project and there is no way you can have those kind of projects without needing to import millions of Naira worth of these products. But now a company in Nigeria in partnership with the NCDMB is telling you we can now localise this product. Do you know what that means, it means three things, one, there is this added value, secondly, there is local content, lastly there is the issue of forex.

“You are totally going to eliminate forex and again, if you look at it business wise, we are talking about the turnaround production time, and if there are issues, you can easily come to the factory.

“This translates to two things, eliminating capital flight and secondly, easy accessibility to the technology. So now, this is for the industrial gas leak detector. We are yet to roll out this because product commercialization takes time, but by the end of the year, we will start the roll out. As you can see, it is available. So right now, Amal Technology is already in operation. We have this product in thousands in stock right now,” he added.

Tijjani also noted that although Amal Tech still imports some of the components used in the producing some of its electronics, the company has the capability and the capacity because of the level of advanced equipment installed by the NCDMB to produce products end to end.

“That means from designing, chemicals, producing the board, assembling it, designing and closure and finished products, which you are going to see those lines now. So that capability and capacity allow us to see this other products that you are not even aware of, these are electric meters (this is three phase, this is single phase) our price is the lowest in the entire market.

Tijjani showing some visitors round the facility

“That capability allows us to be able to produce cable meters, meaning we will be able to bridge the gap of metering in Nigeria. No one has in the entire of Africa the capacity to produce the volume of meters that we can produce. I’ll tell you this secret, a lot of people import 98% imports PCBA from China and they just couple it, calibrate it and they call themselves manufacturers. But what AMAL technology does is to produce from nothing to something. So now the processes you’re going to see here, they skip all those processes and import it, while we start from scratch to produce that.

“Believe me I just told you this factory, you can do your research, is the first of its kind in sub-Sahara Africa.” he added.


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