HURIWA accuses APC of destroying multiparty democracy through illegality

Thu, Oct 19, 2023
By editor


THE Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, dedicated to upholding justice, transparency, and the rule of law, strongly condemn the recent actions of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Nigeria. It has come to our attention that the APC is using subterfuge and illegality to abuse the powers of nolle prosequi held by the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) to negotiate for membership by pardoning alleged offenders of the law.

Emmanuel Onwubiko, HURIWA’s national coordinator, disclosed this in a press statement released on Thursday  October 19.

Onwubiko pointed out that the recent case involving Ifeanyi Ubah has raised serious concerns about the purported abuse of power and manipulation of the legal system for political gain. It is bewildering that the federal government spent hundreds of millions of Naira of public funds to institute and prosecute a case for years, only to allegedly pressure Ubah abandoned his political party illegally and crossed over to the APC, where he has seemingly been granted a pardon for alleged crimes. 

This pattern, if true, raises questions about the integrity of the legal system and the principles of justice in Nigeria. This is a total and brazen affront to multiparty democracy which is a big pillar of sustainable development and constitutional democracy. 

“We hereby warn the APC and the central government,  to stop adopting backhand tactics to poach ranking members of other political parties with the overarching goal of establishing a totalitarianism which will be resisted by Nigerians in due course. The APC administration should stop pushing lovers of democracy to the wall because by the time these devout fanatics of constitutional democracy are made to cross the threshold of endurance span, Nigeria’s democracy may be imperiled.  APC has a duty to let the sleeping dogs lie and allow for multiparty democracy,” he said.

He added: “The implied suggestion that once an individual crosses over into the APC, their alleged crimes, if any and even if these charges are politically contrived by the government at the centre, are automatically forgiven is deeply troubling. This not only undermines the credibility of the judicial process but also erodes the trust that the Nigerian people have in their government.”

The group is concerned that if such actions become a pattern, it will undermine the very foundations of democracy and rule of law in Nigeria. It gives rise to the perception that Nigeria, under the leadership of certain figures, has become a “rogue empire,” where political power is used to manipulate and bend the law to suit the interests of a few.

It called on all stakeholders, including the attorney general of the Federation and the judiciary, to uphold the principles of justice, fairness, and transparency. It is essential that political affiliations do not influence the administration of justice and that the powers of the AGF are used in a manner consistent with the rule of law, HURIWA said.

It also urged all Nigerians to remain vigilant and resolute in upholding the values of democracy, human rights, and justice. The abuse of power and subterfuge should not be allowed to erode the fundamental principles that our nation was built upon.


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