HURIWA ask kidnappers in Zamfara to free corpers

Tue, Aug 22, 2023
By editor


…calls for support for NYSC’s management towards securing their freedom

FORTY eight hours after suspected bandits  kidnapped eight National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members along a highway in Zamfara State, Nigerians have been asked to support the vigourous efforts of the management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to obtain the quick release of these innocent hostages just as the Rights group has asked the kidnappers holding these youngsters to free them because they were only going to Zamfara to help the rural people solve basic social problems such as educational, health empowerment and providing critical care that would benefit the population of Zamfara. HURIWA has called on the government and people of Zamfara to partner with the NYSC to guarantee security to the corpers posted in their state. 

HURIWA which wondered why a Police spokesperson in Zamfara, Yazid Abubakar, said he was going to verify the incident when this major security breach occurred within the jurisdiction of the Zamfara State police command,  however emphasised that the NYSC’S management was pragmatic and quick enough to roll out strategies and for the key management staff from Abuja to have travelled to the scene of this crime to work strenuously to secure the quickest release of these innocent young Nigerians who were on their way to the camp of the NYSC in Zamfara State devastated by prolonged insecurity. 

HURIWA averred  thus: “The good news is that the NYSC’S management is not asleep but has acted swiftly by activating effective, efficient and result oriented mechanisms to ensure that the youngsters who were abducted by the armed bandits are freed without any physical harm to their persons.  Nigerians must pray and support the NYSC’S management in these troubling times as they navigate through the thorny waters of general insecurity to keep the most important unifying institution which is the NYSC running at full steam”. 

“Definitely, we know that the NYSC’S management are working for the welfare, wellbeing and security of Corpers all over Nigeria especially with the heightened state of insecurity and instability that have enveloped a large chunk of the geopolitical of Nigeria,” HURIWA asserted.

HURIWA gathered from impeccable sources that the victims were kidnapped on Saturday, while traveling from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, to Sokoto en route to Zamfara State just as competent sources hinted that the head of the NYSC and his key officials were already on ground working with relevant authorities and institutions towards ensuring that no substantial harm comes to these prospective corpers.

HURIWA said: “They were to take part in the mandatory national service when the bandits intercepted their vehicle.

According to reports 11 corps members were kidnapped but three managed to escape. Aside from the eight corps members, the driver of the bus was also abducted. Also, it is gathered that the family of one of the victims Betty Udofia was reached and that the kidnappers are demanding N4 million ransom”. 

HURIWA therefore stressed that: “We must stress that kidnappings have become a very troubling criminal phenomenon across the Country which calls for elaborate, watertight and effective proactive security measures and hard core intelligence gathering capacity on the part of the Police and other security services including the Department of State Services to smoke out the agents of insecurity even before they inflict devastating damage on Nigerians. Must the police be this backwards and non performing to an extent that they are not even aware that a crime of such a magnitude took place in their backyards not until the media Reporters got across to the Zanfara State police command? We call on the security forces to ensure that these youngsters are not endangered any further and to get them released or rescued without any harm.”

HURIWA stated that it was aware that the management of the NYSC has over the past few months made concerted security arrangements with all the relevant security formations in the 36 states including the Federal Capital Territory to provide near-fool proof security cover around the camps of the NYSC. 

The Rights group in the statement by its National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko expressed optimism that the efforts geared towards getting the abducted corpers released in the shortest possible time would be actualised just as it called on the bandits to show their humane side by releasing these innocent corpers who are in Zamfara from far and wide to provide essential and critical services to the people of the state who are brothers abd sisters of these bandits.


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