Igbo stakeholders commend Ohanaeze leadership

Ndigbo Lagos
Ndigbo Lagos

By Anayo Ezugwu

MAJOR Igbo stakeholders at home and in the Diaspora have commended the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and its affiliated organizations and various Igbo platforms for their commitment and contributions to the region. The stakeholders urged the leadership to sustain efforts in promoting Igbo unity.

The stakeholders in a communiqué after a two-day virtual conference held respectively on September 20 and October 4, called on Ohanaeze leadership for interactive value creation through women and youth inclusion, in order to mainstream gender equity and enhance Ohanaeze’s cross-generational appeal. It recommended a strategic plan for Ohanaeze’s future engagements be articulated, action points itemized and specific problems addressed exhaustively.

“That the tension in the country today is traceable to the structural imbalance of the Federation, political marginalization, social and economic injustice, and stifling insecurity. That a sustainable future for Ndigbo must be based on (i) A clear understanding of the past, (ii) Absorption of the lessons of the present, and (iii) A well-articulated engagement template for the future.

“That the templates for youth involvement in Ohanaeze affairs should include a mentoring process. That Ohanaeze structures at the state, local government and ward levels, including Town Unions, should be made relevant and effective. That modalities be put in place for effective funding of Ohanaeze’s structures and activities. That the concept of Alaigbo Sustainability Fund, be properly articulated and urgent steps for its establishment and activation put in place within the shortest possible time.

“That the role of Ohanaeze as a socio-cultural organization and the demands of contemporary politics be managed with the necessary dexterity and group consensus. That Ndigbo should adhere to, and promote, the positive values that project and enhance the Igbo reputation for enterprise, dynamism and community building. That Ohanaeze should continue to pressurize the Nigerian State to urgently address the mounting injustice, frustrations and marginalization driving the demands for a fundamental review of the Nigerian union. The solution to our current national malaise, and the strident calls for separatism, is Dialogue, fiscal federalism and the restoration of a Constitution that is truly a product of the people of Nigeria.

“That Ndigbo continue to affirm their belief in, and commitment to, joining hands with all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria, to build a peaceful, just, united, and prosperous nation. We affirm the foregoing as our collective resolve and append our signatures and seals to this document, as the communiqué arising from the conference.”

– Nov. 16, 2020 @ 10:15 GMT |

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