I’ll revive ‘Nigerian Standard Newspapers’ if elected Plateau governor – Mutfwang

MR Caleb Mutfwang, the Governorship Candidate of the Peoles Democratic Party

MR Caleb Mutfwang, the Governorship Candidate of the Peoles Democratic Party (PDP) in Plateau, says he will revive the ‘Nigerian Standard Newspapers’ to give Plateau people a voice, if elected.

Mutfwang made the pledge at the 2023 Plateau Gubernatorial Debate on Saturday in Jos.

He decried the poor state of the hitherto influential media outfit, regretting that it had suffered a progressive decline over the years.

“The media outfit is just a shadow of itself.

“Reviving it is crucial to effective  information dissemination. We must give  the people a voice.

”The younger generation may not appreciate the role of information dissemination played by the Nigerian Standard Newspapers of yore.

“It used to be one of the leading media outfits in the middle belt and Nigeria in general.

”But today, it has become a shadow of itself with a very weak manpower and poor production capacity.

”So, because we believe in information dissemination, we shall deploy the right knowledge and technologies to revive the media outfit to meet emerging times.

”We have a duty to give Plateau people a voice and, of course, generate revenue for the state and create employment opportunities,” he said.

On security, Mutfwang said he would appoint a professional as his security adviser and promised to revive Operation Rainbow, the state-owned security outfit.

“We also intend to deploy the right technologies to tackle the security challenges currently bedevilling the state.

“We shall also reinvigorate the justice system and support the conventional security organisations in addressing the challenges in the state, particularly in rural communities.

”I’m coming with the mentality of a coach of a football club coming out of relegation, so I won’t recruit new players; I will use the existing ones to revive it.

”So, I will harness the existing structure  to tackle our security challenges and this is why we shall revive Operation Rainbow,” he said.(NAN)