Imo is now capital of political runs men and food is ready politicians – Ugochinyere


FOLLOWING the defection of key members of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Imo State to All Progressives Congress, APC, Ikenga Ugochinyere, spokesperson, Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, has described the state as the capital of political runs men and food is ready politicians. He said politicians in the state are only interested in what they will gain from the government.

In a statement made available to Realnews, Ugochinyere said across the state, these men of bread and butter, whose only hope of surviving and feeding their families is to without shame, follow anybody in power and eat their vomit in a bit to remain relevant have started their seasonal game. He noted that they will continue to expand until the occupant is out and they will return to knock on the door of anybody as long as the person holds the carrot of governance.

So far, the chairman of the party in Imo, speaker of Imo State House of Assembly and other members of the house have defected to APC. Ugochinyere attributed the defection to lack of alternative means of sustainable survival. He noted that 80 percent of Imo politicians are jobless without government.

“From 1999 to 2007, they wined and dined with Achike Udenwa and immediately the succession process started, they broke into aggressive camps ready to sink and destroy the man who fed them for eight years. Some followed Ararume slept at his Isiebu Mansion, but few seconds after Charles Ugwu was announced as the chosen one, they left Ararume and started praising Charles Ugwu, who never won the primaries and left Ararume to stand in the cold and they stopped going to Isiebu.

“Immediately Martin Agbaso of APGA was announced as the chosen one, these same men moved without shame to Agbaso and started chanting “Ochudo the God sent”. After the election was declared inconclusive and a new one set, they jumped ship without waiting to finish the fight. Immediately Ohakim was announced as the consensus/compromise candidate under the PPA platform, these same men from PDP, APGA and ACN all flocked to the camp of Ohakim and the chant of “Ochinawata” rented the air and they suddenly claimed that Ohakim was the messiah they have been waiting for.

“Immediately the bread and butter did not spread well, some of them discovered that Ohakim was not the messiah and they kicked him out. They moved from different alliance to another, from ACN to APGA and some back to PDP at last minute to collect money

to remedy what they have already destroyed. With emergence of Ihedioha, these same men who campaigned against him could not wait for swearing before jumping ship and praising Ihedioha in search of their bread and butter. The Speaker then, Acho Ihim, who decamped to become Owelle’s choice for Speaker and decamped to AA to become Uche Nwosu’s Deputy Governorship candidate could not show any public restraint in dumping his guber candidate, who was at the tribunal in decamping to the PDP, including other honourable members and so called politicians of note.

“Ihedioha was the beautiful star and they all crawled from their hideout to join him, including the newly elected AA and APGA Honourables decamping to join his party. With the Supreme Court installation of Hope Uzodimma as governor, before he could reach Owerri for his swearing in, these same Imo politicians have started flocking around him and telling stories of how they were the ones who delivered the non-existing 388 units,” he said.

Ugochinyere regretted that Imo State has become a state where honour, consistency, value and respect to friendship are irrelevant. He said the ‘’new political gangsters that have taken over the stage in the last two decades in the state are now the politics of follow him if he has bread in his bag and betray him if his bread has finished’’.

“Young ones are now learning very fast that in Imo politics honour is for the dogs and the few who keep faith and follow are seen as those who are mugu. When I look at myself and the over 10 years I have put in opposition politics and consistency to sacred values of friendship and still I did not die of hunger or beg for food, I ask my fathers and brothers in Imo and the masters of the new Imo Political runs traditions, when will these dances of Shame stop?”

– Jan. 28, 2020 @ 17:33 GMT |

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